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[E46]Akita Expressway Yokote Kita smart IC
Notice of opening ceremony

E46Akita Expressway Yokote Kita smart IC
Notice of opening ceremony

~ We will present a passport certificate and souvenir to the first five customers (pre-registration is required) ~

2019 July 23
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Tohoku Regional Head Office Yokote Administration Office

NEXCO EAST Yokote Administration Office (Yokote, Akita Prefecture)E46Akita Expressway Yokote Kita Smart Interchange (IC)2019 Open on Sunday, August 4 at 15:00In celebration of doing business, I will inform you that the business start ceremony will be implemented as follows.

We will also recruit customers who are "first-served" who will use the smart IC entrance for the first time.

1 Date and time

2019 August 4 (Sun) 14: 30-14: 50

2 Venue

Akita Expressway Yokote Kita smart IC (entrance)
In front of the entrance ETC gateAttachment 1] 【PDF: 216KB】Link to PDF、【Attachment 3] 【PDF: 285KB】Link to PDF reference

3 Held

NEXCO EAST will present a passport certificate and souvenir to five customers (advance reception system) waiting to be opened. (We will be deemed to be the "first rider" at receptionist # 1.)

4 How to apply by customers who wish to start a business ceremony

Please apply in advance by following method.

1) How to apply

Please come directly to the reception desk during the reception period below. We will issue numbered tickets in order of arrival. Application by phone can not be done.
As Yokote Kita Smart IC is dedicated to ETC,ETC use is essential for customers' vehicles to be applied.
Also, please be sure to bring a certificate (driver's license etc) that can verify your identity in issuing the transit certificate.

2) Reception place

Akita Expressway Yokote toll booth 【Attachment 1] 【PDF: 216KB】Link to PDF、【Attachment 2] [PDF: 222KB]Link to PDF reference
※ Please note that it is different from the venue on the day of the ceremony.

3) Reception period

From 10:00 to 16:00 on July 24 (Wed) to 31 (Wed)
※ Not limited to the above, the reception will be terminated at the first five arrivals.

4) Precautions

It is strictly prohibited to wait for the opening of the road around Yokote Kita Smart IC.

5 Yokote Kita Smart IC Business Opening Time

2019 August 4 (Sun) 15: 00-

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