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【E4】 Tohoku Expressway Chodaihara SA (Out-bound line)
Construction conduct of parking lot part and sidewalk part with barrier-freeing

E4Tohoku Expressway Chodaihara SA (Out-bound line)
Construction conduct of parking lot part and sidewalk part with barrier-freeing

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2019 Aug. 1
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Tohoku Regional Head Office Sendai Management Office

NEXCO EAST Sendai Management Office (Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture)E4Tohoku Expressway Chodaihara Service Area (SA) (Out-bound In line), we carry out construction as day and night continuation continuously as follows for barrier-freeing construction to eliminate step with rest facility and parking lot.

Although shopping corners, takeouts, vending machines and toilets (including multi-functional toilets) will continue to be available, the number of parkable vehicles will decrease as parking space is reduced and parking lots and sidewalks will be restricted. To do. Congestion is expected as the number of parking spaces decreases, so please use the nearby SA and parking area (PA) or take a break with ease to help alleviate the congestion.

Customers are inconvenient to carry out the construction work by limiting the use of a part of the parking lot etc during the construction period, but it is the construction to use the facilities more comfortably and conveniently So, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

1 Construction site

Tohoku Expressway Chodaihara SA (Out-bound Line) Parking lot and sidewalk

2 Construction period

【Parking lot department】 2019 September 2 (Mon)-December 12 (Thu)
[Sidewalk]2019 December 13 (Fri)-March 13 (Fri)

  • Sat, Sunday, and public holidays are regulated day and night continuously.
  • The construction period may change depending on the weather and work conditions.

3 Construction contents

Pavement work of parking lot and sidewalk

  • The procedure of construction is 【Attached sheet Regulation step diagram] [PDF: 5.1MB]Link to PDFPlease refer to the.
  • Shopping corners, take-outs, vending machines and toilets (including multi-functional toilets), gas stations and Chojahara Smart Interchange (IC) will continue to be available.
  • There are days when the quick charger can not be used.HPExternal link: Another window displayPlease verify.

4 Control method

Regulation by barricade, rubber cone, etc.

5 Customer Counter

NEXCO EAST Customer Center (24 hour operator will correspond.)
0570-024-024 or 03-5338-7524

Construction site
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