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Thanks to Hachinohe Road (Ashiro JCT-Hachinohe IC) 30th anniversary
[E4A]Hachinohe Expressway Folding nail SA (Out-bound Line)
A commemorative event will be held on Saturday, September 7!

Thanks to Hachinohe Road (Ashiro JCT-Hachinohe IC) 30th anniversary
E4AHachinohe Expressway Folding nail SA (Out-bound Line)
A commemorative event will be held on Saturday, September 7!

2019 August 19
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Tohoku office

Let's go to the sea! Let's go to the mountain! Let's go to town! Let's go see that person! Let's go on Hachinohe road from now on!

E4AHachinohe Expressway(Ashiro Junction (JCT)-Hachinohe Interchange (IC)) will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its opening on September 7, this year.

NEXCO EAST Tohoku Regional Head Office(Aoba Ward, Sendai City)Expressway With thanks to all the customers along the line, including customers using the Hachinohe Oritsu Service Area (SA) (Out-bound Line) will hold a commemorative event.

In this event, with the purpose of introducing the history of Hachinohe Road and the charm of the area along the line, events that can be enjoyed by visitors such as local performing arts and local products and gourmet sales of Aomori and Iwate It will be held.

Ⅰ 30th anniversary event overview

1 Date and time

2019 September 7th (Sat) 10: 00-15: 00 (Rainy weather)

2 Venue

Hachinohe Expressway Folding nail SA (Out-bound line)

Coverage of the day

Inside the venue NEXCO EAST Please come to the booth.

Stage program
Time Entertainment
10: 00 Opening Ceremony
10: 00 Hachinohe YOSAKOI
10:30 Local character greeting
11:00 Yamauchi Kagura
11:30 Local character greeting
12:00 Hachinohe YOSAKOI
12:30 Local character greeting
13:00 Yamauchi Kagura
15:00 Event end
Iwate Prefecture Karui-cho Intangible Cultural Property Yamauchi Kagura Dance Hachinohe Yosakoi Ito Association
Local character greeting Participating characters
Izukins (Hachinohe City)
Wanko sibling (Iwate Prefecture)
Michinoko Happy-kun
Michinoko Happy-kun
Local products and gourmet sales (planned)

We have a wide selection of local specialties and gourmet foods along the Hachinohe area, including Hachinohe rice cracker soup, rice cakes with miscellaneous grains, and Amacha.

  • Hachinohe rice cracker soup
    Hachinohe rice cracker soup
  • Comb rice with millet
    Comb rice with millet
Expressway Car riding experience corner that plays an active part in

NEXCO EAST You can ride a road patrol car and take a commemorative photo as a patrol member, or take a lift car and look around the venue from a height of about 5 meters.

Expressway Cars that play an active role in the experience ride!
Event exhibitors and performers (planned)

Kudonomura Ododekan (Road Station Oritsume), Karumeicho Haruko Takandon Market, Yamauchi Kagura Preservation Society, Hachinohe Chamber of Commerce, Hachinohe YOSAKOI Festival Organizing Committee, NEXCO EAST

Ⅱ 30th anniversary logo

30th anniversary logo

To mark the 30th anniversary of the opening of Hachinohe Road, we created a logo mark.

The number 3 and the silhouette of the map represent the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Yashiro JCT to Hachinohe IC, and is a color inspired by the Hachinohe road that connects the mountain and the sea.

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