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During the 93rd National Fireworks Competition (Omagari Fireworks)
Predicted [E46] About traffic congestion in Akita Expressway

During the 93rd National Fireworks Competition (Omagari Fireworks)
is expectedE46About traffic congestion in Akita Expressway

2019 August 23
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Tohoku Regional Head Office Yokote Administration Office
Tohoku Regional Head Office Office Kitakami Administration Office

NEXCO EAST Yokote Management Office (Yokote City, Akita Prefecture) and Kitakami Management Office (Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture)2019 August 31 (Saturday)] Expected at the time of holdingE46I will inform you about the traffic jam and its countermeasure at Akita Expressway as summarized below.

Since congestion is predicted on the general road around the venue on the day of the tournament, please make a travel plan with a clear and drive safely.

Also, access points to the venueOmagari Fireworks Access navi 2019External link: Another window display, Please visit the website before departure.

1 About traffic congestion of Akita Expressway Main Line

On the day of the event, customers tend to go to the venue, so there is an annual traffic jam on the Akita Expressway 's Out-bound line and at the IC exit of the Omagari, which is the nearest interchange (IC). It is predicted.

In addition, even after the tournament, it is expected that the traffic congestion on the Omagari IC entrance, the Yokote IC entrance and the In-bound line heading for the Tohoku Expressway will continue until around 3 o'clock the next day.

《Locations where traffic congestion of 5 km or more is expected》
月日 Up and down section Top of traffic jam Maximum congestion length
(Peak time)
Traffic jam
Time zone
August 31 (Sat) going down
Direction toward Akita
Yuda IC
~ Kitakami JCT
Near Waga Sennin TN exit
(9 km ahead of Kitakami Nishi IC)
(Around 13 o'clock)
August 31 (Sat) going up
Direction Kitakami
Yuda IC
~ Yokote IC
Near Yuda IC 5km
(Around 1 o'clock)
Next 3:00
  • "IC" is an interchange, "JCT" is a junction, "TN" is an abbreviation for a tunnel.
  • 1 Traffic situation is provided by road information board installed at Expressway main line and toll gate entrance, so please check.
  • 2 If you have confirmed traffic congestion ahead, please light the hazard lamp and cooperate in preventing rear end accidents by signal to the following car.

About traffic congestion of 2 large music IC

Last year, it will be the closest IC to the convention venue Akita Expressway Omagari IC In-bound Exit· Out-bound At the exit, continuously from the general road Expressway If the Omagari IC is congested, please use the IC (*) in front of the Omagari IC. Even after the tournament ends, traffic congestion has occurred at the Omagari IC entrance from the general road. Pay attention to the front and drive safely.

  • Tohoku Expressway From the direction, Yokote IC, Yokote North Smart IC (for ETC cars only) or Yuda IC. From Akita City, Kyowa IC or Nishisenboku Smart IC (for ETC cars only).
  • Nishisenboku Smart IC is normally open from 6:00 am to 22:00 pm, but it will be open from 6:00 pm on the 31st to 2:00 pm on the following day.
  • Yokote Kita Smart IC operates 24 hours a day.

3 About the main traffic congestion countermeasure

As it is predicted that traffic congestion will occur at the Akita Expressway main line and IC exit on the day of the tournament, NEXCO EAST will implement countermeasures for traffic induction and information provision as follows.

  • 【1】 A guidance staff will be placed at the Akita Expressway Oki IC Exit tollgate and traffic induction will be carried out.
  • [2]Akita Expressway Traffic control staff will be assigned to the parking lots in the Kinki Lake Service Area (SA), Yamauchi Parking Area (PA), Omori PA, and Nishisenboku SA (below)
  • [3] Akita Expressway Yamauchi PA and Omori PA (both are Out-bound lines) will distribute traffic regulation maps around the venue and provide traffic jam information.
  • 【4】 Install temporary LED information board on Akita Expressway main line, we will provide traffic jam information and warning attention.

4 Facilities within the area of Akita Expressway Operating hours

The business hours for the facilities in the area on the 31st (Saturday) and 1st September (Sunday) are as follows.

  • [1] Kinkiho SA will be open for extended hours of shops, snack corners and gas stations as follows. The Oasis Hall (hot spring facility) is currently closed.
    Shops, snack corner: From 7:00 on Saturday, 31st to 20:00 on Sunday, September 1
    gas station: From 7:00 on Saturday, 31st to 20:00 on Sunday, September 1
  • [2] A convenience store on the Nishisenkita SA Out-bound Line is open 24 hours a day.
    Please note that there are no petrol stations for both the up and down lines.

5 Providing congestion information

In order to drive Expressway safely and comfortably, you can easily obtain the latest Expressway information (traffic jam situation, road surface condition, road condition) etc on a personal computer or mobile phone . Please use before departing.

* Use of mobile phones and smartphones while driving is prohibited. When using this service, please operate it before your departure, at a break, or with your passenger.

<Prediction information of congestion>
  • Personal computer · smart phone · mobile phone
    "Congestion forecast calendar"
    Personal computer versionExternal link: Another window display
    スマートフォン版 https://www.drivetraffic.jp/smp/prejam_calendar.html
    * Expressway information site "DraPlaExternal link: Another window displayYou can also access from.
    Mobile phone version http://m.drivetraffic.jp/yosoku_cal.html
<Occurrence of congestion>
  • computer
    "Drive traffic (Dora Tora)External link: Another window display"
    * You can see traffic information (traveling route etc.) on Expressway and information on fee and SA · PA on the map screen.
    "Road Traffic Information Now !!External link: Another window display"
    ※ (Public interest) Japan Road Traffic Information Center HP
  • Smartphone · Mobile phone
    "Drive traffic (Dora Tora)External link: Another window display"
    Smartphone version (https://www.drivetraffic.jp/)
    Mobile phone version (http://m.drivetraffic.jp/)
    ※ You can see traffic information (traveling route etc) on Expressway and information on fee and SA · PA.
  • NEXCO EAST Customer Center
    0570-024-024 or 03-5338-7524
    ※ 24 hours 365 days operators correspond.
  • Japan Highway Traffic Information Center
    050 - 3369 - 6666 (common dial nationwide)
  • Other
    For the major SA / PA in the Tohoku region, "Driving Weather Ch." Is broadcasting information useful for driving such as weather forecasts and points of caution during driving.
twitter icon
"Twitter official account NEXCO EAST(Tohoku) "(@e_nexco_tohokuExternal link: Another window display) We also distribute information useful for driving such as real-time traffic information.

* Traffic situation may change greatly due to accident or weather, etc. Please confirm the latest road traffic information with " DraPla " etc. before departure.

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