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2019 degree NEXCO EAST new menu contest
“Michioshi Gourmet Grand Prix” (Miyagi / Fukushima Block)

2019 degree NEXCO EAST new menu contest
“Michioshi Gourmet Grand Prix”

~ We will hold Miyagi / Fukushima Block Tournament ~

~ We will hold Miyagi / Fukushima Block Tournament ~

2019 December 2
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd. Tohoku Regional Head Office
Nex-area Company Limited Tohoku branch

NEXCO EAST Tohoku Regional Head Office(Aoba Ward, Sendai City) and Nex-area Company Limited Tohoku Branch (Aoba Ward, Sendai City) (hereinafter referred to as “ NEXCO EAST ”) are service areas (SA) and parking areas (PA) in Miyagi and Fukushima Prefectures. ) "the restaurant corner to the subject of 2019 of NEXCO EAST will hold a new menu contest" "road Osh" gourmet Grand Prix "Miyagi and Fukushima block competition". In this tournament, 7 stores compete to determine 2 stores that will participate in the final tournament.

I am sure you are busy, but thank you for your cooperation.

Menu development theme

“Michi Oshi” menu using local ingredients-delicious trip with Imako Coco rice

What is “Michi Oshi Menu”?
“Oshi”, a local food that can only be tasted on the Expressway(“Michi”)
It is a menu. You can only taste "Only now, here, only you"
Please enjoy the menu!

About linked campaigns

From January 10th (Fri) to February 29th (Sat) next year, customers who have ordered the exhibition menu will receive a shopping coupon that can be used at the shopping corner of 42 stores."Scratch Campaign"We carry out. Please enjoy "Michioshi" gourmet in East Japan at this great opportunity.

Information about the venue
  • Date and time: December 12 (Thursday)2019(from 10:00)
  • Venue: Sendai City Hall (Talk Net Hall Sendai) 4-1 Sakuragaoka Park, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
  • Participating stores: 7 stores (2 stores going to the finals will be decided) [Attachment 1] [PDF: 264KB]Link to PDF
  • Jury: 7 people including food specialists and TV announcers

[Reference: About this contest]

This contest is a part of our “Service Area / Parking Area (SA / PA)“ Hanazukuri ”” aiming to create unique and attractive stores that take advantage of local characteristics and features. In this 14th contest, SA / PA42 stores have developed the “Michi Oshi” menu, the only recommended menu that takes advantage of local characteristics and features, with a maximum of 1,500 yen including tax. Compete for skills to become the “Michi Oishi” Gourmet Grand Prix. Regional representatives will be selected at the block tournament held in December in 7 blocks, and the grand prix will be decided from the 10 best stores that won the block tournament at the final tournament held in March next year. [Attachment 2] [PDF: 74.2KB]Link to PDF

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