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[E6]Joban Expressway Joban Futaba IC
Notice of opening ceremony

E6Joban Expressway Joban Futaba IC
Notice of opening ceremony

~ We will present a passport certificate and souvenir to the first five customers (pre-registration is required) ~

2020 February 13
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Tohoku Regional Head Office Iwaki Administration Office

NEXCO EAST Iwaki Management Office (Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture)E6To commemorate the opening of the Joban Expressway Joban Futaba Interchange (IC) on March 7 (Saturday), 2020 the following commencement ceremony will be held.

In addition, we will be recruiting the "first passenger" customers who will use the IC for the first time.

1 Date and time

March 7 (Sat) 14:2020: 50

2 Venue

Joban Expressway In front of the Joban Futaba IC entrance gate[Appendix 1]【PDF: 139KB】Link to PDF【Exhibit 3】【PDF: 319KB】Link to PDF

3 Held

NEXCO EAST will present a passport certificate and commemorative gift to 5 waiting customers (advanced reception system). (The first customer will be the first passenger.)

4 How to apply by customers who wish to start a sales ceremony

Please apply in advance by following method.

[1] How to apply
下記受付期間中に直接、受付場所にお越しください。先着順に整理券を発行します。電話によるお申込みはできません。 なお、通行認定証発行にあたり、ご本人を確認できる証明書(運転免許証等)を必ずお持ちください。

[2] Reception place
Joban Expressway Tokiwa Tomioka toll booth Office[Appendix 1]【PDF: 139KB】Link to PDF【Attachment 2】【PDF: 234 KB】Link to PDF
* Please note that it is different from the venue on the day of the ceremony.

[3] Reception period
February 14 (Fri)2020(Wed), 1900-20: 00
* Not limited to the above, the reception will be terminated when the first five people arrive.

[4] Notes
Waiting to open on general roads around the Joban Futaba IC is strictly prohibited.

5 Joban Futaba IC business opening hours

2020 March 7 (Saturday) 15:00

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