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As part of the Expressway renewal project, [E48] enforcement of continuous day and night lane regulation (weekdays only) by tunnel reinforcement work between Yamagata Expressway Sekizawa IC and Sasaya IC (In-bound line)

~ Efforts to make long-term use of aging Expressway safe -

As part of the Expressway renewal project,E48Yamagata Expressway Between Sekizawa IC and Sasaya IC (In-bound line) due to tunnel reinforcementDay and night lane regulation (weekdays only)Carried out


2020 March 3 days
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Tohoku Regional Head Office Yamagata Management Office

NEXCO EAST Yamagata Management Office (Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture)E48Yamagata Expressway Sekizawa Interchange (IC) and the Sasaya IC (In-bound line), we will implement continuous day and night lane regulation from March 9 (Monday) due to the renovation of aging tunnels.

We will cause inconvenience during the construction period, but we will enforce continuous lane regulation (excluding weekends and holidays) for a long period of time, so if you use the section concerned, please make further efforts to drive safely Thank you.

In addition, although not the occurrence of congestion by day and night continuous lane restrictions are expected, during the construction period is " DraTra because me for a traffic information at the Web site, such as" Expressway when you use your Please confirm and go out.

Expressway It is necessary work to keep the network function sound for a long time. We will continue to work to minimize inconveniences to our customers, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

1 Construction section

Yamagata Auto Road Sekizawa IC → Between Sasaya IC (Up Line)

Construction section

2 Regulation period

Day and night continuous lane regulatory period 2020 March 9 (Monday) to December 25 (Friday)
(Regulations implemented: 185 days excluding weekends and holidays)

Regulatory period

3 traffic regulations

Upon tunnel reinforcement work, until the regulation removal date from 18:00 on weekdays regulation start date 5:00 In-bound to regulate the driving lane or overtaking lane of the line, the number of lanes will be reduced from two lanes to one lane.

Face-to-face traffic regulation status

4 Construction Overview

About 39 years have passed since the opening of the Sasaya Tunnel, located between the Sekizawa IC and the Sasaya IC on the Yamagata Expressway, and there has been a leak of water from the tunnel lining. there is.

In order to keep the highway network function sound for a long time, we reinforce the lacquer of the aged Sasaya tunnel. We will also carry out other disaster prevention main update work etc. in addition.

Construction image diagram


Construction photo image

Tunnel reinforcement work

5 Requests when using

  • [1] Over the course of approximately 5km, the existing two lanes on one side will be reduced to one lane, and one lane on each side will be restricted for continuous day and night lanes. During the construction period, traffic congestion is not expected due to day and night continuous lane regulation excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, but if you use the section, please make further efforts to drive safely Please be sure to leave with plenty of time when using.
  • [2] Since the lane is narrow in the lane regulation section, when traveling, observe the regulation speed, secure the distance between vehicles, and be careful about rear-end accidents.
  • 【3】 In the vicinity of the construction site, construction vehicles go in and out so please pay attention to the traffic ahead.
  • 【4】 During the construction period, we will provide construction regulation information utilizing road information boards and street signs and call for attention for safe driving. Please check this information when traveling and thank you to travel safely.
  • [5] Please check the latest traffic information on websites such as DraTra before you go out.
【Road Information Board】

【Road Information Board】

【Road sign】

【Road sign】

6 Efforts to minimize inconveniences to customers caused by construction

Strengthen information provision

In addition to the information board on the expressway (electric bulletin board) plus regulatory schedule, we announce the contents of regulation beforehand by radio CM mainly in Yamagata prefecture, installing sign board at the break facility, and banner / suspended curtain on the main line I will post it.

Notice image
Notice image
Expressway information such as congestion status

We are providing NEXCO EAST Road Traffic Information Site "Dora Tora" with real-time traffic information.
【PC】External link: Another window display
【Mobile】 http://m.drivetraffic.jp/

Display example of real-time traffic information

7 How to Obtain Road Traffic Information

(1) road traffic information that can be obtained before going out
  • NEXCO EAST Website "Construction regulation information"
    (Provide information on construction restrictions in each region)
  • NEXCO EAST Road Traffic Information Site "Dora Tora"
    (Provide Expressway traffic information nationwide)
    【PC】External link: Another window display
    【Mobile】 http://m.drivetraffic.jp/
  • Highway telephone
    We provide 24 hours a day highway telephone (automatic voice) traffic updates on Expressway updated every 5 minutes.
    Yamagata station 023-685-1620
    (Mobile phone · PHS speed dial # 8162)
  • NEXCO EAST Customer Center (24 hour operator will correspond.)
    0570-024-024 or 03-5338-7524 (2020 up to March 31, 2008)
    03-5308-2424 (2020 after April 1, 2009)
  • Road traffic information of Japan Road Traffic Information Center (JARTIC)
    050-3369-6676 (Tohoku region, high-speed information)
    the internetExternal link: Another window display
(2) Road traffic information available during driving
  • Road information board
  • Highway radio (AM 1620 kHz)
    The section broadcasting the highway radio is indicated by a sign on the Expressway .
  • Highway Information Terminal
    Wide-area road traffic information is announced on monitor screens installed at SA and PA.
* Twitter's official account "NEXCO EAST (Tohoku)" (@e_nexco_tohokuExternal link: Another window display) Also distributes information.
Expressway renewal project
Expressway renewal project
For now, safety and security to the next generation.
NEXCO EAST, in order to deliver safety and security to everyone,
We will work on updating / repairing project at Expressway.
URL:http://www.e-nexco.co.jp/renewal/External link: Another window display

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