Expressway renewal project
E4 Tohoku Expressway Towada IC ⇔ Kosaka IC (upper line)
-Efforts to ensure safe and long-term use of aging Expressway

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Leaflet (front)

Leaflet (front)

Leaflet (inside)

Leaflet (inside)

Why construction is needed

Expressway renewal project is a drastic repair such as replacing a bridge on a damaged Expressway due to deterioration and an increase in large vehicles. Compared to normal construction, there will be longer traffic restrictions, but compared to the time of construction, construction will be performed with the latest technology, which will improve functionality and prolong life.

Why you need a renewal project

In addition to the number of years that have passed and the severe environment in which it is used, it is aging. In order to continue to play the role of an aorta that supports social infrastructure such as economy, society, medical care, and disaster prevention, it will not be possible to improve by repeating partial repairs so far, so radical repairs are necessary.

Current State of Expressways

Aging deterioration (aging over the years)

As the graph below shows, there are almost no roads over 50 years old, but
The percentage will reach 20% in 2030, and is expected to exceed 70% in 2050.

Changes in the number of years of Expressway The number of years of Expressway within NEXCO EAST

Severe usage environment (factor of deterioration)

In addition to deterioration over the years, roads are aging due to an increase in heavy vehicle traffic, an increase in gross vehicle weight, and the application of antifreeze agents.

The increase in the number of large-sized traffic and in the overall weight of traffic
Passage of overweight vehicles
Spraying antifreeze

Construction content

Construction section
Regulation period

Construction section: E4 Tohoku Expressway Towada IC-Kosaka IC (upper and lower lines)
Regulation period: Monday, August 19, 2019 to Friday, November 1, 2019

All day lane regulation (up and down)

Face-to-face regulation throughout the day (up and down)

Preparation day

* The work may be postponed in bad weather.
* The face-to-face traffic regulations may change depending on the progress of construction.

Location map
Image figure

Deteriorated existing concrete floor slab * By replacing the with a new floor slab, it will be reborn as a Expressway that is safe and comfortable to use. In addition, we will carry out tunnel delamination work and back cavity injection work to improve work efficiency and reduce costs.

* A floor slab is a structural member that directly supports an automobile passing through a bridge and transmits the load to the girder.

Floor slab replacement work

Tunnel repair work

Face-to-face traffic
from now on
Construction schedule

Scheduled to be renewed between Ajiro IC and Ikariseki IC after 2020

Period and scheduled section for face-to-face traffic regulation

  1. Approximately 4km between Towada IC and Kosaka IC from May to July 2020
  2. Around August-October 2020 ... Kosaka IC-Ikarugaseki IC approx. 3km
  3. May-August 2021 ・ ・ ・ 15km between Ashiro IC and Kazuno Hachimantai IC
  4. Around September-November 2021 ... Aki IC-Kazuno Hachimantai IC 15km

* Detailed implementation timing and construction details will be announced once the details are determined.

Traffic restrictions

During the renewal work, we will reduce the section of each two lanes of up and down lines to one lane and consolidate it on one side to enforce face-to-face traffic all day long. During the several days at the beginning and end of the construction period, there will be an all-day lane regulation for the up and down lanes as a preparatory work to switch lanes.

We will implement construction methods that minimize the impact on traffic as much as possible, such as face-to-face traffic regulations that ensure two-way traffic without blocking traffic.

Face-to-face traffic regulation status

Precautions when using

Traffic congestion is expected, so please make sure you have enough time to go out.

The maximum speed is limited to 50km / h in the restricted section.

Please obtain traffic information in advance, and make sure you have enough time to go out.

Please cooperate in the early lane change before the confluence section.

If a traffic jam occurs, please turn on the hazard lamp at the end and signal the following vehicle to help prevent a rear-end collision.

Vehicles for construction work may enter and leave the area around the construction site, so please be careful when traveling ahead.

During the construction period, we will provide construction regulation information using road information boards, road signs, and simple information boards, and call attention to drive safely. Before riding, please check the above information before riding safely.

Image of information provision image around the construction site

Road information board
Road sign
Simple information board

* The picture shows the status of information provision within the Tohoku Regional Head Office.

Contact Information

Inquiries about Expressway information

NEXCO EAST Customer Center Navi dial 0570-024-024or 03-5338-7524
We listen to customer feedback 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Twitter official account "NEXCO EAST (Tohoku)" ( @e_nexco_tohoku ) But
We deliver real-time traffic conditions.

Updated every 5 minutes / 24-hour OK traffic information dial Highway telephone

Mobile phone dedicated dial # 8162 (Connect to the nearest area)
* Highway telephones provide the latest Expressway traffic information (updated every 5 minutes) for 24 hours.

Inquiries about road traffic information

Japan Road Traffic Information Center National Unified Number 050-3369-6666
Mobile speed dial (for mobile phones / PHS only) # 8011
National high speed dial (automatic answering only) 050-3369-6700
Road emergency dial # 9910

Please listen to the highway radio (1620kHz) for road traffic information while driving.
In addition, the SA / PA near youPlease also use the highway information terminal.

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