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Avoid a traffic jam and drive comfortable

Avoid a traffic jam and drive comfortable

Advance provision of traffic jam prediction information

In the excursion season and the traffic congestion period (New year and New Year holidays, Golden week, Bon Festival etc), the traffic volume increases much more than usual, and traffic congestion occurs due to traffic concentration.

In order to make use of it to create a relaxed travel plan and to aim at alleviating congestion by traffic dispersion,Fine-grained and accurate traffic jam prediction informationWe are offering it quickly.

How to get traffic jam prediction information

Website [Daily congestion prediction]

Congestion Prediction Guide [Golden Week, Bon Festival, Forecasting of Traffic Accidents at Year-end / New Year's Holiday]

From 1 month before Golden Week, Bon Festival, New Year's Holiday, New Year's East Japan service area and management office etc. are distributed.

  • We are handed out for the year of traffic congestion during year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week and Bon Festival.

Traffic prediction information of "E-NEXCO Drive Plaza"

We provide congestion forecast of more than 5 kilometers and you can get information on traffic jam location, length of congestion for each hour, time required for passing at peak time.

Prediction of congestion at a nationwide congestion point for a day

You can get information on arrival time and required time considering congestion prediction for each departure time.

(NEXCO East Japan area other search is possible, some areas are not covered)

Congestion prediction of high-speed toll search
Congestion point map

You can obtain information on "traffic jam occurrence time / time zone", "average traffic jam situation", "cause of traffic jam" of the main traffic jam point in NEXCO East Japan area.

Congestion prediction guide

Golden Week, the Bon Festival, the New Year of the national Expressway congestion prediction information of NEXCO EAST have been handed out in such service areas and administrative offices.

Congestion prediction guide