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About free of charge measures for person, residence that was resident in warning areas of nuclear accident about setting that specific refuge recommendation point was received from July 1, 2018, exclusive card that prior application is necessary for
It changed to a method using "Furusato return traffic card".

About free of charge measures for person, residence that was resident in warning areas of nuclear accident about setting that specific refuge recommendation point was received from July 1, 2018, exclusive card that prior application is necessary for It changed to the method of using "hometown return pass card".

December 22, 2017
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.

According to the law, free of charge measures of one where resident place in the warning area of nuclear accident was received designation of specific refuge recommendation point,It will continue until March 31, 2020 (Tuesday).However, the application method of the free measures will be changed to the method of using the exclusive card "oldness and return pass card" which need to apply in advance.

Therefore, if you can not present the "hometown return pass card" after July 1, 2018 (Sunday), the free measures will not apply.

In addition, we receive about two weeks' time from the application for issuing 'Furusato Return Traffic Card'. Please keep in mind that it will not be subject to free measures until the card reaches you.

About free measures using 'Furusato Return Traffic Card'

Implementation period Until March 31, 2020 (Tuesday)
Target person Of the following (1) (2), oldness and return pass card reception counter (hereinafter referred to as "local government window" designated by the municipalities that lived at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake (hereinafter referred to as "at the time of disaster") If you made a request for a return pass card and received a card loan from us.
(1) Those residing in a warning area of nuclear accident determined by the country at the time of the disaster
※ For specific warning areas, etc.,Appended Table A
(2) Person who received setting of specific evacuation recommendation spot at the place of residence
Applicable model All models (ETC is not available)
Application method
Please submit to the municipal office (* 3) of the municipality that resided at the time of the disaster, together with the designated identity confirmation document (* 2) after describing the prescribed matter in the application form for the use of the return toll card (* 1).
In addition, we will also accept receipt by mail or by proxy. For more informationHerePlease confirm.

  • 1 Furusato Return Traffic Card Application Form can be downloaded from our website, as well as the municipal office window, the toll booth in Fukushima Prefecture, and so on. For more informationHerePlease confirm.
  • 2 For details on personal identification documentsHerePlease confirm.
  • 3 About the municipal office window, in detailHere【PDF: 143KB】Link to PDFPlease confirm.
Measure details
Toll tolls handling the target IC in the bottom column as entrance or exit are free.
(For usage examplesHere【PDF: 60KB】Link to PDFPlease refer to the. )
Applicable IC
Applicable IC
Tohoku Expressway Shirakawa, Yabuki, Sukagawa, Koriyama, Koriyama, Honmiya, Nihonmatsu, Fukushima Nishi, Fukushima Iisaka, Kunimi, Fukushima JCT
Joban Expressway Iwaki Nakoso, Iwaki Yumoto, Iwaki Chuo, Iwaki Yotsukura, Hirono, Joban Tomioka, Okuma, Namie, Minami Soma, Soma,
Shinchi, Yamamoto
Ban Koshige Iwaki Sanwa, Ono, Funabiki Sanharu, Koriyama, Kamoetsu Atami, Inawashiro Kogen, Suruga East, Aizu Wakamatsu, Aizu Sakashita,
※ only for those who have been evacuated from Futaba-cho, Tohoku Expressway Kazo, Joban Expressway will also be subject Sakura Tsuchiura.
Necessary document
  • Furusato Return Traffic Card
  • Public certificate that can verify identity ※

※ Because we may perform identity verification at a tollgate, be sure to carry it with you.

About official documents that the person can confirm
The following public documents that can be confirmed by the person ※ Limited to the original. Copy is invalid.
Driver's License / Passport / Basic Resident Register Card with Face Photo Card / Health Insurance Card / Pension Diary / Person with Disability Personnel / Recipient Handbook / Health and Welfare Diet for Mentally Handicapped / Small Ship Maneuvering License / Seafarer Personnel / Late-stage Elderly Personal Care Health insurance card / nursing-care insurance card / residential building building trading card certificate (former residential building building transaction supervisor's card) / wireless worker's license / personal number card with my face photo (my number card) / driving history certificate

Way of passing At the entrance tollgate please take a token with the lane labeled "General".
At the exit toll booth, please show the pass ticket and the "oldness and return pass card" on the lane labeled "general" and tell the staff that you are a refugee due to the nuclear accident.
Use on ETC is not subject to free measures.
In addition, on the lane where the automatic toll account is displayed at the exit toll booth, please call the person in charge using the call button or lever before inserting the card.

Regarding application form for using the return home card

Furusato Return Traffic card application forms can be obtained at toll booths in Fukushima Prefecture, municipal offices, etc.

Also,Here【PDF: 571KB】Link to PDFIt is also possible to download from If you have difficulties with either method, NEXCO EAST Customer center
(0570-024-024 or 03-5338-7524) for details.

Regarding the location and the contact address of the municipal office window,Here【PDF: 143KB】Link to PDFPlease confirm.

About identity confirmation document

Please present the identity confirmation documents necessary when applying for your home town return card by any of the methods (1) to (3) below.

(1) Documents with photos
How to present one or more
  • Personal number card (my number card), driver's license, passport (passport), disability certificate, identification card issued by the organization of national or local public entity
(2) The following <i> and
Documents listed in <ii>
More than one each
How to present
(2 or more in total)
  • Issued by a national or local public entity such as basic resident register card without a photo attached, health insurance card, annuity notebook
  • Student ID card, identity card with face photo issued by corporation
  • Credential certificate issued by a country or local government other than the documents listed in (1) with a photograph
(3) listed in <i> of (2)
More than 2 papers
How to present
2 or more documents listed in (2) <i>
  • When presenting to the counter, either documentoriginal.
  • For details of the document to be presented to the municipal office window, applyLocal government office【PDF: 143KB】Link to PDFPlease contact us.

About postal application / proxy application

Applications will also be accepted by postal mail or by proxy.

Application by mail Please send the following items 1 and 2 to the local municipal office where you lived at the time of the disaster. Please note that the applicant is responsible for the shipping cost at this time.
  1. Furusato return pass card application form
    After describing the prescribed matter, leave the customer's hand at hand and two copies of "For submitting / municipality copy"
    (When using the form that downloaded the application form from HP, two copies (one for the submission) and one copy for the positive copy (municipal contact window))
  2. Identification document
    A copy of the identity confirmation document stated above
Proxy application Required documents differ depending on whether the substitute person is the same household member or not.
  1. When the agent is the same family member
    Furusato for all those who apply and pass card usage application form and personal identification document (original) and the identity confirmation document of the agent (original)
  2. When the agent is not the same household member
    In addition to the above (1), a letter of attorney dedicated to all those who apply and those who apply
    There is no special form concerning the power of attorney, but the style example isHere【PDF: 68KB】Link to PDFPlease use

About the Terms of Use / Privacy Policy of the Home Toward Return Traffic Card

In order to apply and use the Furusato Return Traffic Card, agreement is required beforehand for "Hometown return pass card usage policy" and "Hometown return pass card personal privacy policy" in advance.

Appendix A Warning area due to accident at Fukushima Dai-ichi NPS

Appendix A Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Warning area due to accident, planned evacuation area, emergency evacuation preparation area


Treatment at the time of closing the door in the free measures of those residing in the alert area of nuclear power plant accident


The purpose of this free measure is to support temporary home etc. towards the reconstruction of the livelihood of those who lived in warning area of nuclear power plant accident etc etc. Please use according to the purpose of this free measure.

(About toll way)
  1. ETC lane is not available.
    ※ Please be sure to take a passing ticket at the entrance
    ※ If you use the entrance at the ETC lane, it will not be free.
    * When using a mixed lane whose entrance is indicated as "ETC / general", please pull out the ETC card from the in-vehicle unit, enter the lane, and pick up the passing ticket. If you enter the lane with the ETC card inserted in the OBE, it will be handled as ETC car and it will not be free.
  2. You can not use smart IC which is ETC exclusive interchange.
  3. At the exit, please show the pass ticket and the hometown return pass card and tell the person in charge that you are a refugee due to the nuclear accident.
  4. On the lane where the automatic rate adjustment machine is installed, call a person in charge using the call button or lever before inserting the card.
  5. Please be sure to show the original copy of your hometown return pass card. If you do not present your hometown return pass card, you will not be free.
  6. It is free even if the target person is riding (if it is not a driver).
  7. Yamagata Expressway that handles tolls separately from travel that is subject to free measures · Nihonkai-Tohoku Expressway (Yudonsan-Sakata Minato), Tokyo Outer Ring Road, Tokyo Wan Aqua-Line Expressway , Keiyo Road (Amagasaki-Makuhari), capital city Expressway , Hitachi Naka toll road, Hitachi toll road, the second Mininoku toll road, the ladder connection road, etc. will be charged.
(About targeted person)
Even when the warning area and the planned evacuation area are reviewed, the scope of the target person will not be changed for the time being.
Reference page
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