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[E6] Notice of closing of Joban Expressway In-bound Line Sakai IC- Misato JCT

E6Joban Expressway In-bound Line 磐 IC ~ Misato JCT closed notice

The latest regulation information,DraTraExternal link: Another window displayPlease see.

2019 January 7

NEXCO EAST Taninohara management office (Tsukuba Mirai city, Ibaraki prefecture)E6Joban Expressway (In-bound line) 柏 IC to MisatoJCT, as Saitama Prefecture Police investigates a traffic accident that occurred on August 9, 2018, as follows: We carry out closed road (approximately two hours).

Although we inconvenience you very much, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation so that you have plenty of time in advance.

1 Closing stop section · date and time

(1) Sections: Joban Expressway ( In-bound line) 柏 IC- Misato JCT

Closing section, date and time

(2) Date and time:2019 January 16 (Wednesday), 12:00 am to 2 o'clock (approximately 2 hours)
* Depending on the progress status of the accident investigation, the end time will be around.

2 Detour

Regarding the detour route to the Gaikan Expressway and the Metropolitan Expressway No. 6,Attachment【PDF: 115KB】Link to PDFPlease refer to the.

3 How to obtain traffic information

(1) road traffic information that can be obtained before going out

  • NEXCO EAST Customer center
    Navi Dail: +81-570-024-024
    (Supported by 24 hour operator)
    Or TEL: 03-5338-7524
  • NEXCO EAST Road traffic information site "DraTra"
    【PC】External link: Another window display
    【Mobile】 http://m.drivetraffic.jp/
  • NEXCO EAST Website "Regulation Information"
    "Construction restriction information" is selected from the tag of "people using Expressway " and "Minami KantoPlease see the area.
  • Road traffic information of Japan Road Traffic Information Center (JARTIC)
    Common dial nationwide: 050-3369-6666
    (Mobile abbreviated dial # 8011)
    Nationwide · Kanto-Koshinetsu information: 050-3369-6600
    Homepage 【PC】External link: Another window display

(2) Road traffic information available during driving

  • Road information board
  • Highway radio (AM 1620 kHz)
    The section broadcasting the highway radio is indicated by a sign on the Expressway .
  • Highway Information Terminal
    We will let you know the road information in an easy-to-understand manner through the monitor screen etc. installed in SA / PA.
* Twitter's official account "NEXCO EAST (Kanto)" (@e_nexco_kantoExternal link: Another window displayHowever, information is delivered.