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[E6]Joban Expressway In-bound line
Announcement of closed road between Yanawahara IC and Sakai IC

E6Joban Expressway In-bound Of closed road between Taniwahara IC and Sakai IC

The latest regulation information,DraTraExternal link: Another window displayPlease see.

2019 August 23

NEXCO EAST Taninohara management office (Tsukuba Mirai city, Ibaraki prefecture)E6Joban Expressway(In-bound Line) Between Taniwahara IC and Sakai IC, the Ibaraki police will close the road as follows (about 2 hours) in order to carry out the actual situation of the incident.

Although we inconvenience you very much, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation so that you have plenty of time in advance.

1 Closing stop section · date and time

(1) Sections:Joban Expressway(In-bound Line) Between Yawahara IC and Sakai IC

(2) Date and time:2019 Saturday, August 31 From 9:00 am to 11:00 (about 2 hours)
* The end time may vary depending on the progress of the actual situation.

Closing section, date and time

2 Detour

For a detour to the general road,Attachment 1【PDF: 90KB】Link to PDFPlease refer to the.

3 Adjustment of transit concomitant with traffic closure

For customers who leaked Expressway by road closure, bypassing the closed section and re-entering and going in the forward direction, adjust the toll fee according to the use section We will implement "Transit Adjustment". (Attachment 2【PDF: 62KB】Link to PDFreference)

  • Transfer specification IC
Road closure point Outflow designation IC Re-inflow designation IC
[Joban Expressway(In-bound line)】
Yanawahara IC⇒ 柏 IC
[ Joban Expressway​ ​ ]
(In-bound Line) Sakura Tsuchiura IC, Yatabe IC, Yawahara IC
【Area Hall】
(Inner circle) Tsukuba Ushiku IC
(Outside) Joso IC, Tsukuba Chuo IC
[ Joban Expressway​ ​ ]
(In-bound Line) Sakai IC, Nagareyama IC

Joban Expressway · · · Joban Expressway
Ken-O Road ... Ken-o Expressway

How to use transfer adjustment
"Customers of ETC"
  • Customers using ETC will be required to travel wirelessly through the spill designation IC, and also require re-inflow designation IC to travel wirelessly. ("Evacuation Cars" will not be issued "Transit Certificate")
  • We will apply ETC time zone discounts, assuming that traveling is a single trip.
    Please note that the toll fee may be different from the toll display at the tollgate because it will be adjusted at the time of billing.
"Customers such as cash"
  • Customers paying by cash etc. receive the "transfer certificate" with the spill designation IC, take the "ticket" with the re-inflow designation IC, and at the toll booth paying the fee for the first time, "transfer Certificate "and" Ticket Certificate ".

4 How to obtain traffic information

(1) road traffic information that can be obtained before going out

  • NEXCO EAST Customer center
    Navi Dail: +81-570-024-024
    (Supported by 24 hour operator)
    Or TEL: 03-5338-7524
  • NEXCO EAST Road traffic information site "DraTra"
    【PC】External link: Another window display
    【Mobile】 http://m.drivetraffic.jp/
  • NEXCO EAST Website "Regulation Information"
    "Construction restriction information" is selected from the tag of "people using Expressway " and "Kita KantoPlease see the area.
  • Road traffic information of Japan Road Traffic Information Center (JARTIC)
    Common dial nationwide: 050-3369-6666
    (Mobile abbreviated dial # 8011)
    Nationwide · Kanto-Koshinetsu information: 050-3369-6600
    Homepage 【PC】External link: Another window display

(2) Road traffic information available during driving

  • Road information board
  • Highway radio (AM 1620 kHz)
    The section broadcasting the highway radio is indicated by a sign on the Expressway .
  • Highway Information Terminal
    We will let you know the road information in an easy-to-understand manner through the monitor screen etc. installed in SA / PA.
* Twitter's official account "NEXCO EAST (Kanto)" (@e_nexco_kantoExternal link: Another window displayHowever, information is delivered.

5 Inquiries regarding closure

Ibaraki Prefectural Police Expressway Traffic Police Corps (TEL: 029-252-8013)

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