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Developing technology in collaboration with universities and other companies to achieve a “smart maintenance highway” (SMH) making the most of ICT

Development of Processing and Applied Technologies that handle Diverse Infrastructure Management Data

We have developed a data processing system to base searches on positional information to retrieve various infrastructure management data, such as “specifications of structures”, “inspection management information” and “drawing management information”*. Using this system, we will retrieve, process, and create auto visualized information of the necessary data, which will raise efficiency of and advance infrastructure management.

*Our system was developed through a program employed in the strategic innovation creation program of the Cabinet Office.

Introducing Technology to Elevate Sophistication of Safety Measures

With regard to construction work accompanying restriction of lanes, we are the first to introduce into Japan the Road Zipper® System, which is a movable safety barrier system for the purpose of “safety measure to prevent intrusion accidents by motorists” and “efficiency of setting out and removing barrier materials”. The system employs a barrier transfer machine (BTM) that can shift to dedicated concrete safety barriers, enabling to easily and safely change the range of lane restriction during construction work in accordance with the traffic congestion situation. Likewise, construction surrounded and protected by concrete safety barriers raises the level of work safety.

Changeover of safety barriers (shoulder restriction ⇒ single lane restriction)

Changeover of safety barriers
(shoulder restriction ⇒ single lane restriction)

Nippon Expressway Research Institute

Nippon Expressway Research Institute Company Limited (NEXCO-RI) has about 100 technical experts who engage in high-level surveys & research and technology development regarding expressways.

Large rotary pavement testing machine

Large rotary pavement testing machine

Mobile loading fatigue tester (Fuji City)

Mobile loading fatigue tester (Fuji City)

Utilization of Outside Technological Capabilities

TI network

We have developed the contents of the Technical Interchange Network (TI Network) on our website to solicit and actively utilize the new technologies and new construction methods of other companies and organizations.

TI NETWORK http://www.e-nexco.co.jp/effort/technique/tinet/
Joint research and development

We actively promote collaboration with research institutes including universities, for example, by concluding a search collaboration agreement on infrastructure for an information society with the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, Tokyo University.

Furthermore, we also operate a research grant program to invite public participation in technical studies, by which practical use or application for the improvement of safety of expressways can be received from a wide-range of fields.