What is Renewal Project?

Expressway renewal project
(Large-scale renewals / repairs)

NEXCO東日本・中日本・西日本等が実施する高速道路の大規模更新・修繕事業プロジェクトです。 高速道路の本体構造物のライフサイクルコスト(役目を終えるまでにかかる全ての費用)の最小化、 予防保全(損傷や不具合が生じる前に行う保全方法)や性能向上の観点から必要な対策を行うことで、 高速道路ネットワーク機能を長期にわたって健全に保つための事業です。

​ ​Handling of Structural Deformation up to now

  • Partial Replastering

    Damaged concrete floor slab is partially removed and replaced with new concrete.

  • Thickening of Dock Surface

    To improve durability, new concrete is placed upon the surface of the already existing concrete to thicken the floor slab.​ ​​ ​

  • Girder cross-section repairs

    Damaged parts of a concrete girder are chipped, rust on the steal is removed, and then new concrete is placed for the repair.​ ​

  • Girder steel repair with steel plate

    Steel plates are attached to the corrupted and reduced areas of steel girders to reinforce them.​ ​

  • Steel girder coating (recoating)

    Rust or deteriorated coating is removed and steels are coated again to prevent corruption.​ ​

  • Shoe base surface coating​ ​

    The surface of the shoe base (a base installed to support shoe bearings that connect a bridge girder and pillar) is coated with surface coating materials such as synthetic resin paints to prevent water penetration and ensure durability.​ ​

Large-scale renewal, large-scale repair

What is large-scale renewal?
By working on the old structures of the expressways with the latest technology, we attempt to maintain the functioning and enhance the performance, securing the quality as good as or better than the new structures.​ ​
What is large-scale repair?
By repairing and reinforcing the old structures of the expressways with the latest technology, we attempt to restore the functioning and quality that is as good as or better than when they were first constructed, in order to extend their longevity.​ ​

Infrastructure longevity plan (action plan)

In November 2015, NEXCO EAST worked out a plan called "NEXCO EAST pan Infrastructure Longevity Plan (Action Plan)". The purpose of the project is to clarify the direction of medium- and long-term efforts to thoroughly promote the maintenance and renewals of the expressways managed by NEXCO East Japan. The plan is based on "Infrastructure Longevity Basic Plan", which was compiled in March 2013 through the meetings among ministries and agencies related to the promotion for measures to be taken for the aging of the infrastructure.

Scope of the Plan

Target facilities
Road facilities [bridges, tunnels, large structures (sheds, large culverts, crosswalks, portal signs, etc.)]
Period​ ​
2014 to 2030

Medium- and Long-Term Financial Estimates

NEXCO EAST are working on projects for maintenance and renewal, based on the agreement with Japan Expressway Holding and Debt Repayment Agency. The current agreement includes specific renewals and other construction work specified in "VI. The Orientation of Initiatives Regarding Required Measures", the strengthing of inspection necessary to secure safety through the maintenance cycle, and intensive repairs.​ ​

Orientation of Initiatives and the details

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