Information on Regulation

Regulation method

We will implement a construction method that can suppress the impact on traffic as much as possible, such as face-to-face traffic regulations to ensure traffic in both directions without stopping traffic closure.

  • For example, when constructing a Out-bound line,In-bound line is a two-way pass.

Points to be noted in the traffic regulation section

  • Speed ​​limit

    In the traffic regulation section, the maximum speed is limited to 50 km / h.

  • Request for a hazard lamp

    Please light on the hazard lamp at the end of the traffic jam and signal the following car and cooperate in preventing collision accident.

About obtaining information on a traffic section

Since traffic jams are expected to occur before and after the traffic regulation section, please obtain the traffic information in advance and take time with plenty of time. Traffic information is also distributed on NEXCO EAST's website and Twitter.

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