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Information Security Policy

East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd. strongly recognizes that our company's information assets are constantly exposed to various threats, and is committed to ensuring the safety of important information assets, including personal information, and actively In order to further solidify the relationship of trust with customers and society by engaging in information disclosure, we will establish the basic principles of information security here and promote company-wide efforts for information security measures.


Information assets are the information that we handle in our business activities and the information system necessary to handle the information.


This philosophy applies not only to officers, executive officers, and employees, but also to affiliated company employees, temporary employees, and anyone else who comes into contact with our information assets.

Operating framework

Our company establishes the rules for information security measures, establishes an operation system for information security measures such as assigning a person in charge of security measures, and continuously carries out activities including maintenance and improvement.

Information security measures

We protect information assets from threats such as eavesdropping, intrusion, falsification, destruction, theft, and leakage, and take appropriate physical, human, and technical measures to ensure safety. If a security threat occurs to an information asset, we will minimize the damage and promptly investigate the cause to prevent recurrence.


We will educate those who use information assets about necessary information security measures, and maintain and improve their awareness of information security measures.

Evaluation and review

We regularly evaluate and review the contents stipulated in the regulations regarding information security measures, and strive for continuous improvement.

Legal compliance

Officers, executive officers and employees will comply with the laws, regulations and norms concerning information security and contractual obligations regarding security with customers.
In addition, in the contract concluded between our company and the external business operator, we will clearly specify the matters to be observed regarding information security measures.

Management liability

Officers take responsibility for ensuring the safety of information assets and taking countermeasures by themselves.


The company will inform all persons handling information assets of this policy and make details of this policy available to the public.
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