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This website (http://www.e-nexco-tech-service.jp hereafter referred to as "this site") is operated by East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), It mainly contains information about companies and businesses. For information about Expressway, see DraPla E-NEXCO Drive Plaza Please see from.
When using this site, you can use it only if you agree to the following items. Also, please note that we may change the terms of use of this site.

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You can use this site comfortably by using IE 7.0 or above on Windows and Safari 6 or above on Mac OS X.
In order to create a more comfortable website, we are always supporting new versions of browsers, but please be aware that some functions may not be stable due to bugs in the browser that have not been announced. ..


Some of the contents on this website use Javascript. In the browser that we recommend, Javascript can be used by default (initial setting). In order to browse all the contents of our website, we recommend a browser setting that enables Javascript.


The copyright of the content recorded on this site basically belongs to our company. However, there may be authors other than our company for some copyrighted works produced by an outsourcer. As a general rule, the copyright of such works belongs to each author. You can download the contents, save the data to your personal computer, or print it out for your personal use, but you can reprint it on other sites or print media. I can not do it. Other than the scope permitted by the copyright law, the contents recorded on this site cannot be used without permission of the copyright owner.


The rights regarding the trade names, trademarks and marks of our company and other companies used on this site are protected by the Commercial Code, Trademark Law, Unfair Competition Prevention Law and other laws. These cannot be used without the consent of the respective right holders.
"NEXCO" and "NEXCO symbol markNEXCO symbol markIs a registered trademark of East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd., Central Japan Expressway Co., Ltd. and West Japan Expressway Co., Ltd.
Other company names, product names, service names, etc. used on this site may be registered trademarks of their respective companies.


Although we take great care when posting information on this site, whether the content of the information posted is accurate, whether the update time is appropriate, or the content is useful to customers There is no guarantee whatsoever. We are not responsible for any errors in the posted information or for any troubles that may occur while using this site. In addition, the Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by changing information or interrupting or canceling the operation of this site for any reason. We are not responsible for any troubles or damages on software or hardware caused by using this site. Please note that the products and information posted on this site may be changed or deleted without notice.


This site is in principle free of links. However, please be sure to observe the requirements described below.
  1. Please display it so that it can be understood as a link to our website.
  2. We do not use the frame function to publish this site as if it were part of your site because it may mislead the user as to the source of the information.
  3. Even if you meet 1.2., we will refuse links to the following sites.
    • If the website includes content that is abusive or otherwise defamatory towards the company or a third party, or could potentially be regarded as such
    • Sites that infringe or may infringe copyrights or other intellectual property rights of our company or a third party
    • Sites with contents that may cause or may cause damage by slander or slander against us or a third party
    • If the website includes content that is in violation of the laws, ordinances and other regulations, or is suspected of such a violation
The company accepts no responsibility for the content of any website linking to or linked to from this site, or any loss or damage experienced by customers as a result of using such websites. Other websites for which links are featured on this site are operated and managed independently by the relevant company or companies. The company has no control over the content of such websites. The company accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage experienced by customers as a result of the content or use of linked websites.
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