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Regulatory equipment and safety supplies

Within the traffic regulation section, drivers are required to quickly recognize the regulations, and workers are required to ensure safety and improve efficiency.

    Working quickly (Blade plate for speed regulation sign)

  • Safe, easy and lightweight! The sign changes quickly.

    i Kotaro (Balloon type humanoid traffic safety sign)

  • An air balloon type humanoid safety guide sign that is easy to see during the day and at night.

    SAIBO (Remotely operated siren box)

  • It is an alarm that informs the work position with a loud volume by remote control.

    Back guard (Collision shock absorber for construction vehicles)

  • A lightweight and compact collision damping device for mounting on construction vehicles.

    Anti-scattering arrow board (close call)

  • An arrow plate with a built-in retractable wire rope and a shatterproof function. It is used by extending the wire rope and fixing it to a protective fence.

    Mobile blinker

  • 道路分岐部の工事規制時に設置し、ドライバーに分岐位置の変更を知らせます。ドライバーの安全と工事関係者が安心して作業できる環境を提供します。

    Quick arrow (Automatic opening and closing arrow board)

  • When the arrow board is installed, the device for opening legs (patented structure) that pops out at the bottom automatically opens the legs when touching the ground, and automatically closes when picked up.

    Auto arrow (stationary automatic regulation device)

  • It is a device that automatically forms a regulated taper part by remote control from outside the main line.

    Adjustable rubber pole attachment/detachment tool Pole tretter

  • Quickly and easily attach and detach rubber poles.
    Useful for securing the central belt opening in an emergency such as an accident in a two-way traffic section.
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