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Snow and ice management

Various snow and ice countermeasure products have been developed to overcome the severe winter weather conditions.

    Trapezoid delineator for cold climates Beam guide

  • With a snow pressure buffer structure, it can be attached and installed even in snowy areas!

    Road image distribution system (Capture line)

  • Continuously transmit road images (KP, facility name information) at 200-500 m intervals from the road patrol car via the Internet.

    Web system for measuring snowfall (Net to see)

  • Automatically measures the snow depth and the amount of snowfall with the light wave type snow depth meter. Web distribution and simple graph display of snowfall status on the receiving PC.

    Surround view

  • Equipped with 4 cameras, you can always grasp the condition around the snowplow with a bird's-eye view image. It improves work safety and reduces the burden on the operator.

    Mobile weather observation system
    (Intelligent weather car)

  • It can be used for winter road weather research, evaluation of snow protection measures, and structure research.

    Band-shaped guide light
    (Commercial power supply type band-shaped line-of-sight guidance)

  • Line-of-sight guides effective line of sight even in severe weather conditions!

    Flexible connector

  • It is a connector developed to protect the light emitting part of the self-luminous delineator from corrosion and shock.

    Product details

    ETC vehicle detector snow accretion removal device

  • This product has a glass heater x flat structure, which prevents snow accretion and is easy to clean even in heavy snowfall areas.

    GPS vehicle position management system

  • リアルタイムな監視により交通管理隊や雪氷作業車に迅速で的確な指示が可能になり、効率的な管理・運用につながります。

    Centralized control device

  • Since each device of the snow and ice vehicle can be automatically controlled and centralized, it will reduce the burden on the operator and improve operability.

    Product details

    Truck grader edge replacement jack

  • It is an auxiliary device that reduces the physical burden on the edge replacement work of the snow removal truck grader.

    Lantern (Icicle, snow-covered stick)

  • With an aluminum pipe 4-step retractable structure, icicle processing and snow canopy processing can be performed simply by exchanging the attachment at the tip.
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