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Utilizing our abundant experience, know-how, and technical capabilities, we manage road construction business management, maintenance,
We support a wide range of needs such as structure inspection, survey, diagnosis, repair, etc. according to the needs of our customers.

    Straddling Expressway bridge (over the bridge) inspection business

  • We have received an order for inspection work for overbridges that Expressway managed by local governments, etc. to provide a safer and more reliable Expressway space.

    Business supervision management
    (Business promotion PPP work)

  • We have contributed to the development of the Expressway network by receiving an order for a technical support business in a section under the new direct control and a business promotion PPP for the reconstruction road development project in the Sanriku coastal area.

    Road maintenance business
    (Maintenance and repair, road inspection, equipment maintenance inspection, etc.)

  • Utilizing our experience and technical ability to manage and operate Expressway of over 3,900 km, we have received an order for maintenance and management of roads managed by local governments, public corporations, etc., and support the efficiency of road management.

    Technical services tailored to customer needs

  • We will propose a technical service that meets the needs of our customers.
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