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Maintenance, repair, materials, machinery

Introducing a wide variety of repair methods, materials and machinery developed to maintain the original functions of road structures.

    Investigation, diagnosis and repair technology in girder narrow space
    NSRV method

  • It is a construction method that enables visual confirmation of the narrow space between girder end spaces and investigation of the amount of salt in the girder, as well as repairs within a limited time.

    Bridge extension device
    Koyuma still water construction method

  • We have developed a small water stop construction method that allows water to be stopped in a narrow space.

    Bridge overhang measures against salt damage
    Simple drainer

  • Prevents bridge girder ends from damage due to salt damage.

    Twist pole P
    (Simple removable lane separation mark)

  • Lane separation marker that can be attached and detached simply by pushing and twisting

    Drain pipe free arm
    (Bridge drainage pipe flexible mounting bracket)

  • It is a bridge drainage pipe flexible mounting bracket that does not require detailed distance measurement from the structure such as the bridge to the drainage pipe.

    Hard concrete
    (Floor board concrete repair quick-hardening, high-durability cross-section repair material)

  • A repair material that is a set of premix type powder and special aggregate, and is ideal for partial repair of RC floor slabs.

    A solid parent band, a solid united band
    (Improved parent-child band for mounting brackets for guard fence columns)

  • Revolutionary metal fittings that prevent damage to mounting metal fittings such as small signs and line-of-sight guide signs

    JJJ metal fittings
    (Sound absorbing board reinforcement/repair bracket)

  • It is a metal fitting that reinforces and repairs cracks that occur in the front part of the sound insulation wall sound absorbing plate by simple work.

    Enmaru-kun (Temporary 2-lane simple separation center line curb)

  • This is a temporary 2-lane simple separation center line curb with a shape that is unlikely to be damaged if the plow of a snow plow contacts.

    Product details

    Cover for wire rope support

  • Cover for improving visibility of wire rope columns

    Keep dry E-Buried water stop device-

  • This is a new buried type joint with excellent water-stopping function, durability and economy, targeting ultra-small spaces among concrete bridges.

    S&SD drain-Pavement seepage water drainage device-

  • This is a new type of drain that has the function of draining the shoulder pavement headwater belt and draining the water between the pavement and the floor slab.

    Energy absorption type Chain-type bridge prevention device

  • The plastic deformation of the slit steel pipe effectively absorbs the kinetic energy during a large-scale earthquake.

    Skit screen (Screen for vertical drain)

  • Prevents the invasion of small animals and improves the maintainability.

    Elast drain (Soft PVC gutter)

  • Used to prevent water leakage from seams such as box culverts.

    2-way drain (Drainage groove for road flooding)

  • Prevents flooding of the road by dropping submergence that occurs at a part with a gentle vertical gradient into the internal canal and guiding it to the connected catchment basin.

    LVO seal (Normal temperature low viscosity penetrable emulsion)

  • It is a room temperature type low viscosity penetrable emulsion that can fill not only the surface of pavement but also deep cracks and prolong the life of existing pavements with strong adhesion.

    Unlucky (Middle wire rope attachment / detachment tool)

  • It is a product that can easily shorten the time required for rotating the turnbuckle, which was done manually, by using an electric tool. Equipped with a entanglement prevention device on the rotating part, you can work safely.

    Bridge girder bottom repair technology

  • It is possible to hang the concrete in the narrow part of the girder end of the bridge upper part by the water jet method WJ(R) which digs into the narrow part of the minimum 12 cm.

    Bridge clearance repair technology

  • We have realized the inspection, diagnosis and repair of the bridge clearance (25 mm or more) of the RC hollow floor slab.

    Precast RC/Smart Wall

  • A precast RC panel is installed as a formwork, and by filling the inside with grout mortar, it is integrated and realizes quick and cheap repair of concrete structures.

    Guardrail scraper

  • Anyone can easily lift the stacked guardrail beams (about 70 kg/sheet).

    Hydraulic small pillaring machine

  • It is a lightweight and compact device that enables you to pull out the protective fence pillars quickly, safely and reliably.
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