NEXCO EAST Group Code of Ethical Conduct

1. Basic Corporate Course of Action

Expressway are an important social infrastructure that is deeply rooted in people's lives and contributes to the development of Japan's culture and industry for many years to come.

We, NEXCO EAST Group have a mission to contribute to the healthy development of the national economy and the improvement of the quality of life of the people by providing safe, secure, comfortable and convenient Expressway spaces and making effective use of them. By responding and fulfilling our social responsibility as a good corporate citizen in all aspects of society, economy, environment, etc., we want to be in harmony with society and be trusted by society.

NEXCO EAST Group does not allow such trust in society and fulfills its corporate social responsibilities.In addition to complying with domestic and overseas laws and rules in all aspects of management, we have established a high ethical standard. , Always act with the aim of fairness, fairness and integrity.

Officers and responsible persons of each organization take the initiative in setting the spirit of this Code as their own roles, thoroughly disseminate it throughout the company, and establish an effective internal system for that purpose. When a situation that violates this code occurs, we will try to resolve the problem, investigate the cause, prevent the recurrence, and fulfill our accountability.

2. Our Code of Conduct

(1) Compliance with Rules

  • We act not only in compliance with the laws, the company regulations, and the social code but also based on high ethical standards.
  • We will always act with fairness, impartiality and integrity in view of the public nature of Expressway business.

(2) Human Respect

  • We respect all the fundamental human rights and do not discriminate against reasons such as ethnicity, race, nationality, religion or political belief, thought, occupation, gender, birthplace or family status, disability, age, etc.
  • We do not engage in any type of harassments including remarks and behaviors to hurt the dignity of individuals based on sex, work status, social class, etc.​​ 
  • We are not involved in any forced or child labor.

(3) Relationship with Customers

  • (Attitude toward customers)
  • We always think about customers first and consider what we should do in order to improve the core of our business activities, that is, "safety, security, comfort, and convenience".
  • We constantly listen to opinions of customers and respond promptly and accurately.
  • (Protection of personal information)
  • We recognize the importance of protecting personal information and handle personal information carefully and properly so as not to infringe individual's rights and interests.
  • We thoroughly and securely manage information to prevent personal information leakage and loss.​​ 

(4) Relationship with Business Partners

  • We always conduct transactions in accordance with fair, just and transparent procedures
  • We thoroughly comply with the Antimonopoly Law and the Act for the Prevention of Collusive Bidding at the Initiative of Government Officials
  • We do not have unhealthy relationships with business partners, taking advantage of the business position.

(5) Relationship with Shareholders and Investors

  • (Responsibility to shareholders and investors)
    We strive to improve the corporate values through efforts such as strengthening our financial structures through endless optimization, developing new businesses, and enhancing the branding.​​ 
  • (Disclosure of information)
    We promote communication with our shareholders and investors, and increase the transparency of our business activities through appropriate disclosure of corporate information.

(6) Relationship with the Society

  • (Responsibility to communities)
    We dedicate ourselves to the development of the communities as a corporate citizen, attempting to tighten the ties more with them and performing initiatives that more directly affect the lives of the people there.​​ 
  • (Preservation of road assets, etc.)
  • We will manage and operate the Expressway and related facilities, which are important social foundations for the development of the national economy and the improvement of people's lives, and strive to pass them on to the next generation.
  • We properly manage all tangible and intangible corporate assets including the company brand and intellectual properties, striving to improve their values.
  • (Handling of antisocial forces, etc.)
  • We handle antisocial forces and organizations that pose a threat to the civil society with a resolute attitude, and block all relationships.
  • We take a resolute attitude against passers-by who do not follow the rules when using the Expressway.
  • (Responsibility to the international community)
  • We comply with the laws and regulations of the countries and regions where we do business and respect various international norms such as human rights.
  • We respect the cultures and customs of each country or region and perform business activities, which are based on a relationship of trust with stakeholders.
  • We do not engage in illegal acts such as giving profits and convenience to foreign civil servants, etc. or proposing or promising it, in order to gain illegal profits with respect to international commerce transactions.

(7) Relationship with the Environment

  • We make efforts to control waste generation and work on saving resources and reusing in order to reduce the burden on the environment associated with our business activities,​​ 
  • We dedicate ourselves to business activities while taking the preservation of biodiversity in the communities and the maintenance of the healthy ecosystem into account.

(8) Relationship with Employees

  • We promote the formation of a gender-equal society that highly respects human rights, diversity, personality, and individuality, do not do any harassment or discrimination against sex, gender, and physical disabilities, and seek to create a work environment that prohibits any of those.​​ 
  • We endeavor to create a safe and hygienic workplace environment.
  • We retain the innovation mind with the self-awareness as professionals, challenge ourselves to try out new things, and nurture a corporate culture where people find the job rewarding.​​ 

[Four judgment criteria when you get lost]

  • When we are unsure of what action we should take, we make decisions based on the following criteria.
  • Do you violate laws and regulations?
  • Do you not damage the trust and brand of NEXCO EAST Group?
  • Whether the judgment is made after paying considerable attention based on sufficient information
  • Whether your judgment can be explained to your family or friends with confidence