Outline of reemployment regulations

  1. Self-restraint of re-employment of officers, executive officers and executives (hereinafter referred to as “executives”)
    • Prohibition of any activity for the purpose of re-employment while at the target company (meaning a company that receives orders by competitive bidding, a company that participates in competitive bidding, and a company that is qualified to participate in competition).
    • For target companies, officers refrain from re-employment for one year after retiring, report if they re-employment by two years after retiring, executive officers and executive employees report if they re-employment by one year after retirement .
    • If the target company receives measures such as suspension of competition participation qualifications, refrain from reemployment to the target company during the period of the measures and for 6 months after the end of the measures period.
  2. Submission of pledges from officers and target companies of reemployment
    • Officers, etc .: Submit a pledge that they will not engage in other illegal acts at the target company of reemployment.
    • Target companies for re-employment: Submit a pledge that the re-employed officers will not be encouraged to do other illegal acts and that if this is violated, there will be no objection even if measures such as cancellation of the competition participation qualification are taken. .
  3. Announcement of reemployment status
    • Every year, we announce the status of re-employment such as the number of notified persons.