Improvement of public relations materials on alternative road (free) measures for parallel national road disasters caused by 2016 Typhoon No. 10

Improvement of Dorawari website display

Customer voice

  1. Shimukappu IC-I didn't know that the full amount would be charged if it exceeded Otofuke Obihiro IC.
  2. It should be free even if you cross the Shimukappu IC-Otofuke Obihiro IC.

Image of detour free section (about 76km)

How to improve

The content of the PR material has been improved.

  1. Added an example of traffic where alternative road measures are not applied.
  2. Described the purpose of alternative road measures. (Free measure ⇒ Modified to alternative route (free) measure)
Image of public relations material before and after improvement

The above free measures were completed on October 28, 2017, along with the completion of parallel restoration of national highways.