Sendai-Nanbu Road guide sign improvement

Customer voice

I drove from Sendai East IC of Sendai-Tobu Road and tried to get off at Sendai Minami IC via Sendai-Nanbu Road, but there was no exit and I could not get off and entered Tohoku Expressway. I got it. It is very difficult to understand that the Sendai Minami IC has no exit to the general road.

Local situation

If you drive Sendai-Nanbu Road toward Tohoku Expressway (westward), you will not be able to run onto the general road at Sendai-Minami IC and will flow into Tohoku Expressway. (Blue arrow) Therefore, customers who want to spill on the general road near the Sendai South IC must spill at the Yamada IC in front. (Red arrow) .

Image image of the section where warning signs are installed

How to improve

It was installed in front of the Yamada IC because there was no sign that it was not possible to flow out from the Sendai-Nanbu Road at the Sendai Minami IC so far "You cannot exit to R286 at Tohoku Expressway Sendai Minami IC" (green frame) 2 guide signs that were difficult to understand "Can't exit at Sendai Minami IC" (red frame) It improved to the contents.

Photos before and after improvement of the guide sign

Completed in October 2017