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Initiatives that take advantage of customer feedback

Sendai-Nanbu Road guide sign improvement

Customer's Voice

I ran from Sendai East IC at Sendai-Tobu Road and tried to get off at Sendai South IC via Sendai-Nanbu Road, but there was no exit and I could not get off and I entered Tohoku Expressway as it was It has gone. Sendai Minami IC is very difficult to understand that there is no exit to the public road.

Local situation

If you travel along the Sendai-Nanbu Road in the direction of Tohoku Expressway (west facing), the Sendai South IC can not flow out into a general road, but flows into the Tohoku Expressway(Blue arrow)The customer who wants to flow out on a general road near Sendai South IC needs to flow out at Yamada IC in the foreground.(Red arrow)

Local situation
Down arrow

How to improve

Until now, it was installed in front of Yamada IC because it had led to an opinion because there was no sign clearly stated that it could not flow out at Sendai South IC from Sendai-Nanbu Road" Tohoku Expressway Sendai Minami IC can not exit to R286" (green frame)Two guide signs that were difficult to understand"Can't issue at Sendai Minami IC" (red frame)It improved to the contents of that.

How to improve

October 2017 completion