Hokuriku Expressway Tatehama IC exit congestion countermeasures

Customer voice

Due to a traffic light at the exit of Nadachi Tanihama IC, a vehicle spilled from the Expressway was stopped by a red traffic light, and it was congested and could not proceed at all. National Highway 8 is vacant, but the Expressway is heavily congested. I want you to take immediate measures.

Local situation

  • On the day of the construction, the Hokuriku Expressway (Out-bound) Naitanihama-Joetsu IC is closed at night.
  • A car heading for Joetsu IC via Route 8 from Toyama

How to improve

As a result of consulting with the police station in charge, during the nighttime closing period, the green signal time of the vehicle leaking from the IC to National Highway 8 is adjusted, so that both the vehicle leaking from the IC and the vehicle using National Highway 8 can be used smoothly It became like this.

National Highway No. 8 signal, image of traffic congestion section

Response during the construction period in autumn 2018