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Initiatives that take advantage of customer feedback

Hokuriku Road Nakatsuyahama IC exit congestion countermeasure

Customer's Voice

Due to the signal at the exit of Nadachi Tanihama IC, the outflow vehicle from Expressway is stopped at a red light and is not congested at all because of traffic jams. Although Route 8 is vacant, Expressway is in heavy traffic. I want you to take measures immediately.

Local situation
  • On the day, for construction, Hokuriku Road ( Out-bound ) Meitotanihama-Joetsu IC will be closed at night
  • Vehicles traveling from Toyama and heading for Joetsu IC via Route 8 are traffic jammed at traffic lights
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How to improve

As a result of consultation with the police station in charge, during the night closing period, the green light time of vehicles flowing out from IC to National Road No. 8 is adjusted, and both vehicles using IC Outgoing Road and National Road No. 8 can be used smoothly It became so.

Local situation, improvement method

Correspondence in construction period of the fall of 2018