Started demonstration experiment of Expressway business sophistication utilizing "5G"

~ [E5] Aiming to develop remote control technology for snowplows by converting Wattsu PA to 5G area

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February 4, 2021
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd. Hokkaido Regional Head Office
NTT DoCoMo Hokkaido Regional Head Office

East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd. Hokkaido Regional Head Office (Sapporo City Atsushi Ward: hereinafter, NEXCO EAST) and NTT DoCoMo Co., Ltd. Hokkaido Regional Head Office (Sapporo City Chuo Ward: hereinafter, DoCoMo) are E5 Do-O Expressway Wattsu Parking Area (hereinafter, Wattsu PA) Will start efforts on the sophistication of the Expressway business utilizing the 5th generation mobile communication system (hereinafter referred to as 5G) from February 8, 2021 (Monday).
In this demonstration experiment, the parking lot of Wattsu PA will be converted into a 5G area, and the following technologies that will lead to the sophistication, efficiency, labor saving, etc. of the Expressway In the future, we will extract and solve problems based on basic verification, aiming for practical use after 2021.

  • 5G: Next-generation high-speed communication technology. Compared to current 4G, it has features such as high speed, large capacity, low latency, and multiple connections.
(Wattsu PA In-bound) photo
(Wattsu PA In-bound)
(Wattsu PA Out-bound) photo
(Wattsu PA Out-bound)

Remote control technology for snow removal vehicles utilizing 1.5G (Wattsu PA Out-bound)

Photograph of remote control technology for snow removal vehicles utilizing 5G

Under conditions such as snowfall, 5G high-speed, large-capacity, low-latency communication will be utilized for remote control technology for heavy construction equipment, which has been used mainly for construction sites where there are no obstacles in the vicinity and for disaster recovery. By doing so, we will carry out verification that enables snow removal work that requires more precise control operations.
Specifically, a high-definition camera (Full HD 1920 x 1080), etc. should be installed in the snow-removed vehicle and in a place where the safety around the vehicle can be confirmed, and multiple high-definition image data can be transmitted using 5G with very little delay. Since it is possible for the operator to immediately grasp the situation and convey the operation instruction to the vehicle, we will verify whether the vehicle can be operated safely and accurately even if there are people or objects in the vicinity.

Real-time grasping technology for vehicles using parking lots using 2.5G and AI technology (Wattsu PA In-bound)

The entire parking lot is photographed with four high-definition cameras (Full HD), and the image is transmitted to the image processing server at the same time by using 5G high-speed, large-capacity communication, as a high-definition image equivalent to 4K image quality. Integrate. By using AI technology from the high-definition image and analyzing the actual situation of parking lot usage such as the trajectory of the vehicle used and the number of parked vehicles, it is verified that the usage status of the parking lot can be grasped in almost real time, and further analysis is repeated. We will verify the technology that can grasp the trajectory of the vehicle used.

In the future, in addition to this, Expressway business, it will be possible to improve the remote monitoring work using images from multiple cameras in smart ICs and improve the efficiency of remote work instructions during facility inspections using smart glasses. We will also consider sex.
Both companies will continue to promote further utilization of communication technology and proactive efforts for the latest technology, and will continue to cooperate in further advancement of the Expressway

3. 3. Demonstration experiment outline

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