Image poster

NEXCO EAST is engaged in a variety of tasks to ensure that you use the Expressway comfortably and conveniently, and that you use it forever and safely. "I want many people to know about such a job." --- An image poster puts such thoughts. Here are some of them.

Image image of "Forgetting height and other moments."
Inspection "Moment to forget the height."

In order to ensure the safety, security, and comfort of a huge Expressway with a management extension of approximately 3,900 km, check Expressway without fail even at high altitudes where your feet are freezing.

Image image of traffic management "Scenery is invisible"
Traffic management "I can't see the scenery."

A traffic management squad conducts a road patrol that travels about one and a half times around the world in one day. Even the beautiful scenery doesn't give an eye and protects the safety, security and comfort of the Expressway once.

Image image of the tollgate edition "Don't stop the flow of this country."
Toll booth "Do not stop the flow of this country."

NEXCO EAST 's jurisdiction has approximately 2.95 million daily traffic (fiscal 2018 data), and will continue to support this country 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Image image of Snow and Ice Countermeasures "The basis of battle is formation."
Snow and Ice Countermeasures Edition "Battle of battle is formation."

With an annual snow removal of approximately 460,000 km (2018 data), the role of a Expressway professional is to make it possible for customers to use the Expressway safely and securely under any conditions.