[E6] Joban Expressway (between Shinchi IC and Yamamoto IC)
Implementation of nighttime closure

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The latest regulatory information isDraTraPlease see.

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 NEXCO東日本仙台東管理事務所(宮城県仙台市)は、暫定2車線区間(片側1車線)のE6常磐自動車道 新地(しんち)インターチェンジ(IC)から山元(やまもと)ICにおいて、ワイヤロープ式車線区分柵設置工事のため、下記のとおり夜間通行止めを実施します。

1. Closed section

 常磐自動車道 新地IC~山元IC間(上下線)

(Location map)
Image of (position map)

2. Closed date and time


  • The nighttime closure will be from 20:00 on weekdays to 5:00 the next morning.
    (Friday night construction will be done until 5 am on Saturday)
  • It may be canceled depending on the weather, so please check the latest information from websites such as "DraTra" when using the Expressway.
Image of closed days

3. Detour


Four. Construction content

Wire rope type lane division fence installation work

A wire rope type lane division fence will be installed as a measure to prevent head-on collision accidents in the provisional two-lane section.

Wire rope type lane division fence installation work Photo before installation
Before installation
Wire rope type lane division fence installation work (image) photo
After installation (image)

Five. Regarding transit fare adjustment due to suspension of traffic


For passengers who leave the Expressway once due to a nighttime suspension and bypass the closed section and transfer again in the same direction, we will make a "transit adjustment" to adjust the toll according to the section used.

6. How to obtain traffic information

  • DraPla", a site full of useful information on Expressway nationwide
    PC version (https://www.driveplaza.com/)
    Mobile version (http://m.driveplaza.com/)
    Smartphone version (http://www.driveplaza.com/smp/)
  • Expressway traffic information service "Drive Traffic (DraTra)"
    It provides real-time road traffic information and traffic congestion prediction.
    PC version (https://www.drivetraffic.jp/)
    Mobile version (http://m.drivetraffic.jp/)
    Smartphone version (http://www.drivetraffic.jp/smp/)
  • NEXCO東日本お客さまセンター
    0570-024-024 または 03-5308-2424
  • 日本道路交通情報センター(JARTIC)
    全国共通ダイヤル 050-3369-6666 (携帯短縮ダイヤル #8011
    宮城情報 050-3369-6604
    東北地方高速情報 050-3369-6761
  • Highway radio
    Highway radio (AM1620kHz)
    The section that is broadcasting is indicated by the sign on Expressway.
  • Official Twitter account "NEXCO EAST (Tohoku)" (@E_nexco_tohoku) Also delivers information.
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