~For residents living along the highway dedicated to automobiles~

Entry of pedestrians and bicycles into the motorway is prohibited
It has been!

November 1, 2013
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.

The motorway is a space where cars travel at a speed of nearly 100 kilometers per hour, which is very dangerous! Please do not enter because it may cause a fatal accident! Image image of
Entry into the motorway is prohibited by law! Image image of

In addition to pedestrians, light vehicles such as bicycles, motorized bicycles, and motorcycles of 125cc or less are not allowed. (Article 48-11 of the Road Law, Article 17 of the National Expressway Law)

Especially concentrated in urban areas! Image image of

Expressway, which is managed by NEXCO EAST, was notified in 2012 that "pedestrians, bicycles, etc." About 1,500 cases, Per day About 4 Has occurred. Especially through urban areas Keiyo RoadDaisan-Keihin RoadYokohama-Shindo RoadKan-Etsu ExpresswayTohoku Expressway 5 routes Over 50% of the total Occupy

 Route nameNumber of on-site reports (*)
The first placeKeiyo Road268 cases
2nd placeDaisan-Keihin Road170 cases
3rd placeYokohama-Shindo Road150 cases
4thKan-Etsu Expressway132 cases
4thTohoku Expressway132 cases
  • Report number to NEXCO EAST Research Road Control Center
Image image of access prevention measures

NEXCO EAST, in addition to the "only for automobiles" sign, we have taken measures to prevent entry such as "no entry" signs and road markings at the entrances and exits of motorways such as Expressway.

Image image of access prevention measures
Image of request from NEXCO EAST

If you find a pedestrian trying to enter a motorway such as a Expressway, [No. 110] Or [Road emergency dial #9910] Until Emergency call Thank you for your cooperation. (If you find it while driving, please report from a passenger.)

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