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We will improve the network of the metropolitan area and aim for facilitation of road traffic

Flow of Expressway construction

Business plan explanation
  • I will explain the route outline and future plans to the municipality where Expressway passes.
  • In addition, I will explain the outline of the route and future plans to everyone in the railway area.
Photograph of business plan explanation
Survey · Soil survey · Design
  • We will accept routes from landowners, conduct route surveys and soil surveys, and collect data necessary for design.
  • Based on the results of route survey and soil survey, design roads and create drawings for design consultation.
Photograph of survey · soil quality survey · design
Design consultation
  • We discuss with the facility managers and local residents about the roads and waterways in the surroundings based on the drawings and decide on the road structure.
  • Design based on the results of the design consultation and determine the width of the site to be acquired.
Photograph of design consultation
Site width pile installation · land survey
  • In order to obtain the approval of the entrance from the landowners and to clarify the extent of the land necessary for the project, we will stake the site according to the design drawing (this pile is called the land width pile).
  • We will ask the landowners to locate the site locally and measure the site.
  • If there are buildings or standing trees in the site to be acquired, we will also conduct surveying and surveying of them.
Photo of land width pile installation · land survey
Land Acquisition
  • Based on the compensation standards that the public utilities use uniformly, we will calculate compensation for land prices and building transfer fees by reasonable and fair thinking.
  • After that, we will inform the owner of the compensation contents and give you an understanding and sign a contract.
Land Acquisition Photo
Survey of buried cultural properties
  • If there is a buried cultural property in the acquired land, we conduct excavation survey.
Picture of reserve cultural property survey
  • We will order earthwork, tunnel construction, bridge construction, paving work, facility construction sequentially according to business progress.
  • We will carry out quality control of the construction and process control and aim to complete the construction.
Photograph of Construction
Opening up
Opening photos

Ring road development in the metropolitan area

We are promoting network development such as ring roads in the metropolitan area efficiently.

Ring road in the metropolitan area

Ring road in the metropolitan area

Maintenance effect of ring road

Traffic that passes through the city circle line accounts for about 60% of traffic. (2001)

Breakdown of traffic using the city-center ring line: Transit traffic 62%, Source: Kanto maintenance station HP

By the maintenance of the ring road, the following effects are expected.

Improvement of congestion such as living roads, environment improvement by reducing CO2 emissions, safety improvement of living roads, efficient logistics support