About timely application for business certification

In recent years, with regard to public works, from the perspective of heightening cost awareness and revitalizing the economy, there is a growing tendency to realize the effects of business early, including the early acquisition of public land.
Under these circumstances, the first and second reports on the promotion of regulatory reform by the General Regulatory Reform Council pointed out the need for active use of the Land Expropriation Law, etc., and the Cabinet decision on March 28, 2003 was made. The “Three-Year Plan for Promoting Regulatory Reform (Re-Revision)”, which was adopted, will take measures in line with the indication in the report.
In light of this situation, NEXCO EAST is thoroughly implementing the “timely application rules for business certification”.
In addition, from the perspective of accountability regarding the progress management of the business, the business name, the timing of the completion of the land width pile driving, and the land We have announced the acquisition rate, scheduled construction start time, expected completion time, the status of transition to expropriation procedures, and the reasons and measures to be taken when expropriation procedures have not been transitioned.

1 Business certification timely application rules

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2 Announcement of progress of land acquisition

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