General business owner action plan based on next-generation law

In order to enable employees to fully demonstrate their abilities by creating an environment in which they can work and raise their children, it is necessary to develop an action plan as follows.

Plan period 4 years from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2019

Goal 1 Work to create an environment that contributes to supporting work-life balance.


Develop an environment that makes it easy for employees to raise children, including expanding the system to promote the acquisition of nursing leave and childcare participation leave.

While maintaining a level of more than 75% for childcare leave rate of female employees within the target 2 plan period, child-care leave acquirer of male employees is Large so as to be, raise awareness of child care (mainly male employees and managers) Publicize and support to contribute to.


Continue to disseminate information and raise awareness to further spread the leave system for childbirth and childcare support.

Goal 3 Reduce overtime and promote the acquisition of annual leave in order to reduce total working hours.


Aiming to reduce the total number of actual working hours per person to 2000 hours or less, specify it as a management index in the medium-term management plan, and raise the awareness of efforts to improve the efficiency of business execution and productivity, and raise employee awareness. Will be continuously implemented. In addition, on the day of leaving the office on a regular basis and the week for strengthening the office leaving on a regular basis, we will call for leaving the office on a regular basis and thoroughly turn off the office. Furthermore, we will continue to carry out public awareness and enlightenment toward active leave so that the number of annual leave taken per person will be 12 days per year, and we will promote the use of annual leave.