Risk management

We work on risk management so that we can respond promptly and appropriately 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

 We are working on risk management by building a risk management system for proper management and operation of the social infrastructure called Expressway and for quick recovery from disasters.

Risk management system

NEXCO EAST has established a system that can respond promptly and appropriately, such as by setting up a 24-hour traffic control department in preparation for the occurrence of an accident or disaster.
Regarding business execution risks, while taking measures in the department in charge, the Board of Directors discusses risks that have a significant impact on management, and the Risk Management Promotion Committee has been established to implement risk management in accordance with the PDCA cycle. We support implementation.
The committee identifies risk items that need to be closely monitored for the time being, focusing on cross-sectional issues involving multiple departments, and monitors these items as the main targets.

Risk management system diagram
Image of risk management system diagram

Disaster prevention work plan and implementation of disaster prevention work

To protect Expressway from disasters such as earthquakes, and to fulfill the social role of Expressway, a "Disaster Prevention Operation Plan" and "Disaster Prevention Operation Implementation Rules" have been established to implement it.
Based on these, information systems are developed and helicopters are used to collect and provide information in the event of a disaster, as well as to ensure safety and recover.

  • Disaster Prevention Operation Plan: NEXCO EAST, a designated public institution specified by the Disaster Countermeasures Basic Law, has published a "Disaster Prevention Operation Plan" aimed at building a road that is resistant to disasters.

Overview of disaster prevention operations

  • Disaster prevention system and emergency gathering
  • Securing emergency road functions, etc.
  • Road traffic regulation
  • Disaster drills and in-house training
  • Support cooperation system
  • Prepare for disaster
  • Information collection contact system
  • PR activities

emergency training

Disaster prevention training
emergency training

NEXCO EAST, in order to ensure the safety and security of our customers on the Expressway, we carry out operational training in cooperation with relevant organizations, as well as operational training for the countermeasures headquarters assuming an accident or disaster.
The picture on the left shows a comprehensive disaster prevention drill conducted on October 6, 2011 in the Kanetsu Tunnel on the Kan-Etsu Expressway.

Information security

We have established rules regarding information security measures, established an operational system for the measures, and are continuing to maintain and improve security.
Regarding the protection of information assets, we are taking various measures to ensure the safety of important information assets, including personal information, and we are working to foster awareness throughout the Group through information security seminars and the like.
We regularly check the implementation status of measures and make necessary corrections to ensure information security.

Information Security Basic Philosophy