Expressway traffic safety measures

Striving to maintain and improve a safe, secure, and comfortable driving environment

Traffic safety measures

We are working to improve road functions to prevent traffic accidents. We are implementing various measures such as controlling the speed with lane markings, preventing lane departure, and strengthening the median guard fence.

Photograph of speed control and lane departure prevention measures (guide lane mark)
Speed control and lane departure prevention measures (lead lane mark)
Photo of reinforced guard fence
Reinforced guard fence

Measures to prevent people from entering the area

Expressway Since the number of on-site notifications of people entering the main line is on the rise, we are taking measures such as setting off-road signs and warning signs on the road surface.

Photograph of measures to prevent entry of people

Reverse run prevention measures

Expressway reverse run is of, from can lead to serious accidents, Expressway by installing a road marking, labeling indicating the installation and correct the direction of travel of rubber pole indicating the direction of travel at the confluence of the main line, the reverse run I'm suppressing. We are also implementing initiatives such as installing a reverse-travel prevention device that uses sensors.

Photograph of the rubber pole at the junction of the main line
Main line junction rubber pole
Photo of reverse running prevention device
Reverse running prevention device

Traffic safety awareness activities

We cooperate with local police and traffic safety councils to hold traffic safety campaigns and events to encourage safe driving. In addition, through posters, leaflets, leaflets, etc., we are developing various public relations activities such as precautions when driving on Expressway, compliance with traffic regulations, and manners promotion campaigns.

Road safety campaign photos
Road safety campaign

STOP! ! Dozing driving poster picture
STOP! ! Dozing driving poster
Photograph of manner up poster (17 kinds in total)
Manners up poster (17 types)

Public relations activities for good manners

Image of HEARTFUL HIGHWAY-Everyone's manners on everyone's highway-

From August 2010 to make the Expressway safer and more comfortable with customers
In the catch phrase “HEARTFUL HIGHWAY-Everyone's etiquette for everyone's highway”, we are working to raise awareness of manners by introducing specific examples based on the voices of etiquette received from customers.


Expressway driving manner book

Image image of manners book of Expressway

The “Expressway etiquette BOOK” aims to make the Expressway safer and more comfortable place for customers by telling all customers who use the Expressway rules they want to know and the etiquette they want them to notice. It was created from the desire to go.

Expressway driving manner book [PDF: 5.7MB]

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