Expressway crisis management

We strive for early recovery from disasters and swift response to emergencies

Expressway disaster recovery

In the event of a disaster such as an earthquake, we will promptly carry out inspections and restoration work to secure traffic.

Cases of restoration activities after the Great East Japan Earthquake

The Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011 caused many damages on the Tohoku Expressway and Joban Expressway including cracks and bumps on the road surface, collapse of embankments, and breakage of expansion and contraction equipment. Immediately after the earthquake, we closed the road for about 2,300 km and carried out emergency inspections and temporary restoration. On the next day, we secured emergency traffic, and 13 days later, almost all lines were closed.

Joban Expressway Mito IC-Naka IC Restoration status of embankment collapse point

Pictures of the situation immediately after the disaster
Immediately after the disaster March 11, 2011, around 16:00
A picture of the situation after an emergency recovery
Circumstances after emergency recovery March 17, 2011, around 17:00

Lifesaving support

In order to support disasters and emergency lifesaving activities, we have installed a lifesaving support heliport and are conducting training with related organizations.

Maintenance of lifesaving support heliport

In order to promptly transport people who were injured in the event of a disaster and implement prompt disaster countermeasures, helicopters take off and land in 15 service areas such as Hokkaido, Miyagi Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, etc. We have developed a heliport and are conducting takeoff and landing training on the premises of the toll booth.

Photograph of the takeoff and landing situation of a doctor helicopter on the tollgate site
Takeoff and landing situation of doctor helicopter on the tollgate site
(Joshinetsu Expressway Shinshu Nakano IC)

Make a rest facility a disaster prevention base

In the event of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Expressway rest facilities were used as a gathering base and relay base for the Self-Defense Forces and fire departments. We have established a rest facility with functions that can be used as a room, and also conduct disaster prevention drills jointly with related organizations.

Photograph of the situation of disaster management center indoor operation training
Status of disaster management center indoor operation training
(Joban Expressway Moriya SA)