Basic policy on personal information protection

East Nippon Expressway Company Limited (“the company”) appreciates the importance of personal data (information relating to a specific individual, including their name, date of birth and any other items that could be used to identify them) and makes every effort to ensure that it is protected. In addition to complying with all applicable personal data legislation, the company is committed to protecting personal data in accordance with the requirements set out in the following basic policy, in order to earn users’ trust.

1. Managing data

The company will take the utmost care when managing user data, by establishing and operating an effective internal framework (providing personnel with extensive training in adequate data handling procedures, enforcing internal regulations, compiling manuals, etc.), and implementing information system security measures.

2. Acquiring personal data

The company will always state the purpose for which it is acquiring personal data and will only do so by fair and legal means.

Except as provided for in the Personal Information Protection Law, we will not collect sensitive personal information (defined in Article 2, Paragraph 3 of the Personal Information Protection Law) without the prior consent of the customer.

In addition, when obtaining an individual number and specific personal information (hereinafter simply referred to as "specific personal information") from a customer, the purpose of use is the range necessary for the Company to perform the affairs prescribed by the number law. Shall be limited to.

3. Using personal data

The company will always state the purpose for which it intends to use personal data and will not use data for any other purpose.

When the purpose of use specified to the customer is changed when acquiring personal information, etc., it shall be limited to the extent reasonably recognized to be related to the purpose of use before the change, and the changed purpose of use Will be notified to the customer or announced.

4. Providing personal data

  1. Provision of personal information (excluding those that correspond to specific personal information)
    Unless required to do so by laws and ordinances, the company will not disclose or provide users’ personal data to any third party without the relevant user’s permission.
  2. Provision of specific personal information
    We will disclose or provide your specific personal information to a third party, except when it is necessary to perform the affairs stipulated in the Number Law, except when it is based on the Number Law, the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations. It is not.

5. Adequate personal data management

The company will make every effort to ensure that personal data is accurate and up-to-date, in order to provide users with the best possible service. The company will take any necessary measures to ensure the adequate management of personal data, to prevent data from being leaked, lost, damaged or accessed without authorization.

The Company will take necessary measures for proper safety management of personal information such as prevention of leakage, loss, damage, unauthorized access etc. of personal information.

6. Outsourcing personal data processing

In the event that the company provides personal data to an outside contractor in order to carry out essential procedures in relation to personal data processing, the company will select a contractor that is deemed to handle personal data adequately, sign an outsourcing agreement or other legal document to ensure that users’ personal data is not leaked (by provisions of personal data management, confidentiality, prohibition of disclosure, etc.), and continue to adequately monitor the contractor.

7. Notification of purpose, disclosure, alteration or removal of personal data

The company will respond to any request from a user (or representative acting on their behalf) who requires notification of the purpose for which their personal data is being used or wishes their personal data to be disclosed, altered or removed from usage, within reason and within a reasonable period of time in accordance with the laws and ordinances.

In addition, we will respond appropriately and promptly to inquiries from customers regarding personal information.

8. Other matters

The company will continue to review and improve this policy as and when necessary. In the event that this policy is revised, the company will provide notification of the revised contents.