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NEXCO EAST manages and constructs Expressway ・ We will show you how to contact us about general toll roads.

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To inquire about expressways such as the Tomei Expressway and Central Expressway, which are managed by​ ​NEXCO CENTRAL orNEXCO WEST  ​or​ ​ Metropolitan Expressway , Hanshin Expressway , Honshu-Shikoku Expressway , please contact those companies. .

Image of management / construction area NEXCO中日本 NEXCO西日本

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Before contacting us


The following are frequently asked questions from customers. Please check before contacting us.

Inquiries by phone

NEXCO EAST Customer Center

We listen to customer feedback 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

NEXCO EAST Customer Center
NEXCO EAST Customer Center 0570-024-024 0570-024-024


  • Navi dial can be used for landlines at a rate equivalent to local calls. In addition, we will bear part of the call charge for mobile phones.
  • We record the phone calls from our customers in order to ensure accurate response. Please note.
  • Please be aware that if the telephone is busy and you are not connected to the operator, it will be automatically disconnected after a certain period of time from the call.
  • Calls while driving are prohibited by the Road Traffic Law. Stop at a safe place such as a rest facility and call.

Highway telephone

You can check the telephone number of the highway telephone, which provides traffic information by voice, from the following.

Highway telephone

Road emergency dial (for emergencies only)

Please dial for things such as falling objects, reverse-running cars, entry of people or bicycles, collapse of road shoulders, road surface conditions, road abnormalities or emergency situations that may hinder the passage of vehicles.

Road emergency dial

  • Can be dialed from fixed line (NTT) and mobile phones
  • Available 24 hours free of charge
  • All expressways and national roads are managed by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
  • The road emergency dial is for emergencies.
  • 道路交通情報のお問い合わせは、(公財)日本道路交通情報センター(全国統一ダイヤル)050-3369-6666で、高速道路料金のお問い合わせなどは上記記載のお客さまセンターで受け付けております。

Inquiries by e-mail

We check emails from customers on weekdays.
If you are in a hurry, please contact us by phone.

We respond to customer feedback

NEXCO EAST aims to create a better and more comfortable Expressway space by utilizing the opinions and requests of customers.

Initiatives based on customer feedback