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Contact Information

This page tells you how to make inquiries about the expressways and toll roads built and maintained by NEXCO EAST.​ ​

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First of all, please click here for frequently asked questions.

Other related information

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Inquiries by telephone

NEXCO EAST Customer Center

You can contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Please feel free to contact us about expressway tolls, ETC discounts, traffic information, etc.

NEXCO East Japan Customer Center NEXCO East Japan Customer Center


令和2年3月まで  03-5338-752403-5338-7524

2020 after April is 03-5308-2424

'Navi Dial' can be used for charges equivalent to local calls from a land-line phone. As for phone calls from mobile phones, we bear some of the call rates.​ ​

'Navi Dial' is not available for free calls provided by mobile phone companies and calls by constant rate phone plans.​ ​
If you call us at 03-5338-7524, the subscription fee plan is applied.

Please be noted that we record phone calls from customers to ensure accuracy in response.​ ​

Please be noted that if the line is busy and you cannot connect to the operator, the line is cut out automatically after a certain period of time.

Calls during driving are prohibited by the Road Traffic Act. Please pull over to a safe place such as a rest area and then make a phone call.​ ​

You can check the telephone number of the highway telephone that guides traffic information by voice from the following.

Road Emergency Dial (Emergency Only)External link: Another window display

For any abnormalities or emergencies that hinder the passage of traffic such as fallen objects, cars driving in the opposite direction, people or bicycles entering the road, shoulder corruption, road states, etc,​ ​please call Emergency Dial.​ ​

Road Emergency Dial # 9910

All expressways and national roads are managed by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Road emergency dial is for emergency.

Please make inquiries about road traffic information at 050-3369-6666, Japan Road Traffic Information Center, and call Customer Center for expressway tolls and so on at the number above.​ ​

Inquiries by e-mail

We check emails from customers on weekdays.
Please contact us by phone if you are in a hurry.
  • High-speed fee, route search For expressway tolls and route search,​ ​
    please visit here.
  • Usage certificate For user certificate and user history record,
    please visit here.
  • About Tomei, Shintomei, Chuo Expressways, etc, please contact​ ​NEXCO CENTRALExternal link: Another window display
    About some parts of Meishin and Sanyo Expressways, etc, please contact​ ​NEXCO WESTExternal link: Another window display
    About Metropolitan Expressway, please contact​ ​Metropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd.External link: Another window display

Click here if you forgotten at SA · PA

We will respond to customer feedback.

NEXCO EAST aims for a better and comfortable Expressway space by utilizing customer feedback and requests.