Brand logo

Our logo

Best way for you. Image of NEXCO EAST

Brand name


It is based on the initial letters of the company's English notation "East Nippon Expressway Company Limited". At the same time, this brand name stands for "Next" and "Co" (the prefix meaning" together "), which represents "ahead of the way" - our attitude and enthusiasm -.


Logo type

It represents a relaxing road space with roundness and wide bold typeface. In addition, high visibility, even during high-speed travel, is symbolized.

Symbol Mark

By visualizing "N", the NEXCO's initial, three-dimensionally, it expresses the dynamism of the expressways leading to the future and, at the same time, the dynamism of the heart brought by "running on the road" .

Brand Color


Green with depth and brightness, which is reminiscent of the reposing nature in eastern and northern Japan.


Best way for you.

This slogan "Best Way" has two meanings. First of all, it stands for "the best choice", which means that we are working on the maintenance of the road infrastructure that you find convenient and time efficient, in order for you to see us as "the best choice" for the means of transport with a variety of purposes such as freight distribution, travel, and sightseeing. The other meaning is "the best way". This represents our feeling that we will pursue the best in terms of services and other intangible factors for you to pleased with the expressways. We would like to offer "Best Way" not only to customers who directly use the expressways but also to those who indirectly benefit, say, from freight transport and more. It symbolizes the hopes of NEXCO East Nippon.