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Management strategy

Management strategy


The NEXCO East Nippon Group are executing our operations on expressways or other related operations, based on the group's management philosophy, management vision, and management policy, which are introduced here.

Long-Term Vision 2025

Long-Term Vision 2025 summarizes the ideal form of the NEXCO East Nippon Group as of 2025, 20 years after its privatization in 2005, and the goals and efforts to realize it.​ ​​ ​

The NEXCO East Nippon Group strives to improve the corporate values by sharing the same vision among all the employees, in order to realize the corporate's ideal form stated in Long-Term Vision 2025.

Our ideal corporate image in 2025
1. Companies who are trusted by the people  ~ Reliable
2. Companies who are required by the customers  ~ Required
3. Companies who respond to what the local communities expect  ~ Responsible
4. Companies who are recognized by the international communities  ~ Recognized
5. Companies where the employees feel the work rewarding  ~ Rewarding

Medium-Term Management Strategies

NEXCO EAST Group, this time, "NEXCO EAST Group Medium-Term Management Plan (FY 29 to 2020 we formulated a degree)."

In this plan, we see the four years until the fiscal year 2020 as "a period to challenge ourselves to be what we want to be in the future and make a leap". Based on the five basic policies to achieve our social responsibilities, the NEXCO East Nippon Group aims to create the 'connect' value set in the management vision, grow as a company that contributes to a lot of stakeholders, and pull together to progress the plan.

Medium-Term Management Strategies: Basic Policies

【Basic Policy 1】
To provide safe, secure, comfortable and convenient expressway services
【Basic Policy 2】
To contribute to the communities and the inbounds and environmental preservation
【Basic Policy 3】
To promote technological developments that make contributions to the society
【Basic Policy 4】
To enhance the profitability of related businesses
【Basic Policy 5】
To strengthen the management capabilities of the entire group

Business plan

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