Expressway traffic management

We are on the lookout for Expressway safety 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Road control center


In the Traffic Control Room within the Road Control Center, together with the District Police Department Expressway Management Office, we collect information about the presence of abnormal conditions, road conditions, weather conditions, etc. and provide it to our customers. When an abnormal situation occurs, instruct the on-site traffic control team to take appropriate measures to deal with the situation, request dispatch of fire engines, ambulances, etc. as necessary, other road managers, river managers We also contact relevant local governments.

Image of traffic control room

Facility control room

The facility control room in the Road Control Center uses remote monitoring and control equipment to measure, monitor, and control the operating conditions of various road and tunnel facilities for 24 hours. In the event of a fire in a long tunnel, we will promptly and appropriately guide evacuation and operate the tunnel emergency equipment.
We also analyze equipment operation status records, etc., and use them for facility maintenance support and improvements.

Image of facility control room
Facility control room

Traffic management patrol

We regularly or temporarily patrol Expressway to collect information about traffic conditions such as traffic congestion, road conditions such as falling objects, and weather conditions. In addition, when an abnormal situation occurs, we will rush to the scene, eliminate falling objects, respond to accidents with the traffic police and fire departments, and support broken cars.

Image image of traffic control team
Traffic control team
Image image of processing work of falling objects
Handling of fallen objects

Cooperation between traffic control and traffic management patrol

Vehicle control in violation of laws and regulations

The laws and regulations stipulate the maximum limits for the specifications of vehicles that can travel on roads and the dangerous goods that can be loaded when traveling through long tunnels.

We are instructing vehicles that violate these laws and regulations at entrance toll gates and near tunnel entrances.

Image of control of vehicles that violate laws and regulations

Control of vehicles that violate laws and regulations