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It is a network connecting between cities, to promote interchange between the regions
Contributing to creating a vibrant community

Improvement of Expressway network connecting cities and cities

Improvement of Expressway network will revitalize interaction and cooperation among local cities.

Regional revitalization, medical care, logistics support, preparation for disaster, intercity exchange and cooperation
【Opened on March 19, 2011 Kita-Kanto Expressway Case of
Shorter travel time

The travel time is greatly shortened compared to using the general road, contributing to the strengthening of regional cooperation and the development of the regional economy.

Shorter travel time
Promotion of company location

高速道路沿線の工業立地が進み、地域産業の活性化や雇用機会 の創出など、地域経済の発展に寄与しています。

Promotion of company location

Disaster-resistant Expressway network

Even if a part of the Expressway becomes a road closure at the time of a disaster, by securing the peripheral Expressway function, it will support people flow and logistics and prevent the deterioration of the transport function. In addition, we will support early recovery of afflicted areas.

[Network effect in the case of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake]
Network effect on the case of H16 Niigataken Chuetsu-oki Earthquake

Contributing with "technology and know-how" cultivated in the Expressway business

We are contributing to the promotion of Expressway network development projects through technical assistance tasks such as survey, design and construction supervision in newly-controlled sections, and assistance with consultation with related organizations. Moreover, in order to promote the project of the reconstruction road (Sanriku coastal road), we contribute to earthquake disaster reconstruction in the Sanriku coastal area through PPP promotion which promotes efficient management utilizing the technology and experience of both public and private sectors.

Order record of technical support work (FY 2016)
Route name Section name
Tohoku-Chuo Expressway Higashine to Ozanosawa
Fukushima JCT ~ Yonezawa North (Yamagata prefecture section)
Promotion of project promotion PPP orders (FY 2012 - FY 2016)
Route name Plant name
Sanriku coastal road Kesennuma Karasuwa-ku
Network effect on the case of H16 Niigataken Chuetsu-oki Earthquake
Sanriku coastal road (Kesennuma Bay crossing bridge image)
Provided by: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Tohoku Regional Development Bureau
Sendai River National Highway Office