Measures for congestion on Expressway

We analyze the causes of traffic congestion and implement measures to alleviate and alleviate traffic congestion.

Changes in traffic congestion

Congestion loss time on Expressway * 1 Has been on a downward trend since peaking in 1997, and has decreased to about 50% of its peak in 2008.



* 1: An index that indicates the degree of congestion. Calculated by multiplying the time lost due to traffic jam and the number of affected vehicles.

Image of transition of traffic congestion

Causes of traffic congestion




Causes of traffic congestion
Image of traffic congestion factors
Location of traffic congestion
Image of traffic congestion

Traffic congestion mitigation measures

In order to secure safe and smooth road traffic for our customers, we will implement both hardware and software measures to reduce traffic congestion.

  • Hardware measures

    Image of measures for hardware
  • Soft measures

    Image of software measures

[Installation of additional lanes] [Extension of acceleration / deceleration lanes]

We are installing additional lanes and extending acceleration / deceleration lanes at major traffic congestion areas.

  • Extension of Kan-Etsu Expressway (Out-bound) Hanazono IC exit lane

    Image of the extension of the Kan-Etsu Expressway (Out-bound) Hanazono IC exit lane

[Development and dissemination of ETC]

Before the spread of ETC, the toll booth was the worst place where traffic jams occurred, but it is now almost eliminated.

Image of ETC usage rate / congestion loss time

[Traffic capacity Large pacemaker lights]

By blinking the light so that it moves in the direction of travel, it is effective in suppressing speed reduction and supporting speed recovery.

  • PML operation status near the aqua line (In-bound) aqua tunnel

    Image of PML operation status near aqua line (In-bound) aqua tunnel

[Providing speed recovery information through traffic congestion point signs, etc.]

Signs are installed at major traffic congestion points to promote conscious speed recovery.

  • Operation status of traffic jam point signs
    Image of operation status of traffic congestion point signs
  • Operation status of speed recovery display board
    Image of operation status of speed recovery display board

[Change of lane operation]

We are improving the lane operation so that it can respond to changes in traffic conditions.

  • Lane change status of Kan-Etsu Expressway (In-bound) Oizumi JCT

    Image of lane operation change status of the Kan-Etsu Expressway (In-bound) Oizumi JCT
  • 関越道(下り)東松山IC付近の車線キープグリーンライン



[Providing traffic congestion prediction information]

By avoiding traffic congestion, traffic demand will be dispersed, and you can expect a reduction in traffic congestion.

NEXCO EAST Official Congestion Forecaster Congestion Forecast & Outing Guide Obonban image
Image image of traffic jam prediction on Expressway in the Kanto region during the Obon period in 2019
Image of smartphone / tablet
You can see the date and time of peak traffic at a glance! Image of traffic jam forecast guide Obonban

[Information provision using AI]

We are promoting technological development such as traffic jam prediction using AI, and are working to further improve prediction accuracy and convenience.