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We analyze causes of traffic congestion and implement countermeasures to solve traffic congestion and mitigation

Cause of traffic jam

In about 70% of traffic intensive congestion, of which In-bound slope and sag part ※ is about 61%, interchange confluence portion was about 10%. Toll booth congestion has been almost eliminated by the spread of ETC. (2017)

※ Out-bound from the hill In-bound is called a recess approaches the slope and sag section. For more information about the congestion occurrence mechanism and the congestion measures,HereExternal link: Another window display

Cause of traffic jam

Implementation of Congestion Elimination / Mitigation Measures

Due to various measures, traffic congestion loss time * decreased to about 50% of peak time in 2008, but it increased dramatically since 2009 when holiday special discount was started. 2011 decreased due to the holiday special discount (upper limit of 1,000 yen in rural area), but it increased again due to earthquake restoration work and the increase in traffic volume after that. Because traffic jam loss time is decreasing from 2013, as the situation is still high, we analyze the cause of traffic congestion continuously to suppress the loss of valuable time of customers and promote traffic congestion countermeasures .

※ Indicator of the effect of congestion on the number of units · time

Trend of congestion lost time (2005 - 2015)

1 Measures for traffic congestion

Measures against hardware
Measures against hardware
Measures for software
Measures for software
【Improvement of road structure】

We add lanes, install climbing lanes and improve lamps where traffic congestion is becoming apparent.

Photograph of Construction
【Maintenance of ETC】

Compared to the start of ETC full-scale introduction, the toll gate congestion was almost canceled.

Trends in traffic volume at major toll booths

【Call for speed recovery by LED display board】

Sag part ( Out-bound from the hill In-bound portion of the change in slope) and In-bound in order to solve the congestion by the speed drop in the hill, the call for speed recovery, we are near the beginning of the congestion.

Sag portion and the In-bound slope, etc.
【Providing traffic jam prediction information】

To avoid traffic jams and provide a comfortable drive, we provide traffic prediction information on the Internet etc.


computer(http://www.drivetraffic.jp/External link: Another window display

Smartphone (http://www.drivetraffic.jp/)

mobile phone
Mobile phone (http://m.drivetraffic.jp/)

Congestion Forecast Guide
Congestion forecast guide (provided during the traffic congestion period)

2 Measures against accident congestion

Traffic Safety Measures


Acceleration time reduction


3 Measures for construction congestion

Selection of work implementation date / time zone


Reduction of construction number


Proper information provision