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We aim for a comfortable resting facility

Improvement of facility comfort

We aim to become a service area and parking area that can be comfortably used by all customers, and we are promoting barrier-free. In addition to eliminating steps in facilities, parking spaces for people with disabilities, wheelchairs and writing boards, and AED (automatic external defibrillator) for emergency situations are installed. In addition, we are trying to enhance facilities by installing a dog run where customers' dogs can freely run around.

  • Rest area without steps
    Rest area without steps
  • Parking spaces for the disabled
    Parking spaces for the disabled

Creating a comfortable toilet space

In addition to promoting western style toilet bowls and installing warm water washing toilet seat / hot water compatible automatic faucet, we are also developing large booths equipped with baby seats and small hand washing machines, urinal for children, and toilets for ostomates * I will. In addition, we are progressing with the expansion of the number of toilets for ladies' toilets and the maintenance of beds and infant toilet seats for multifunctional toilets. In addition, we have a fitting room where we can change the powder corner, change clothes, etc., and a toilet with a meeting corner is in place and we are striving to create a toilet space that anyone can use comfortably.
* Colon cancer, bladder cancer, etc., who have an artificial anus or artificial bladder, have sinks and hand wash place to treat excreta.

Toilet of "Pasar Moriya" renewed on March 19, 2014
  • Multifunction toilet
    Multifunction toilet
  • Female toilet
    Female toilet
  • Family toilet
    Family toilet
  • Men's restroom
    Men's restroom