Procedure for requesting disclosure

1. We are responding to customer inquiries.

NEXCO EAST answers customer inquiries

NEXCO EAST, regarding customer inquiries, "Customer Center" Starting with (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) Various methods I am answering. Please feel free to contact us.

There is also a “request for disclosure” procedure

NEXCO EAST "Rules for disclosure of information" You can take the procedure of "request for disclosure" (reception by mail, fee). Responding to "requests for disclosure" from customers, Expressway relates to construction and management of, the Company's "road company business information." Is considered to be information that cannot be disclosed due to our examination criteria, We will disclose information other than information that cannot be disclosed.

* What is road company business information?
NEXCO EAST says, "Except for those issued for the purpose of selling, regarding the construction and management of Expressway which has high publicity, the officers, executive officers or employees of our company have created it , Or acquired documents, drawings, and electromagnetic records (records made by an electronic method, a magnetic method, or any other method that cannot be recognized by human perception. The same applies hereinafter.) Items that the Company holds as organizationally used by officers, executive officers or employees are subject to disclosure.

2. We will accept the “Request for Disclosure Document”.

About the procedure of "request for disclosure"

On the prescribed "Request for Disclosure" Fill in Japanese I will.

“Request for disclosure” One for each request for disclosure Please fill in
After completing the form, please mail the "Document for Disclosure Request". Customers are responsible for the shipping cost.

  • We do not accept requests for disclosure other than by mail.
  • We may contact the listed contact information in order to confirm the content of the “Request for Disclosure Document”. Please be forewarned.
    As a fee for requesting disclosure (disclosure request fee), 300 yen (excluding tax) per road company business information It costs.
  • We will determine the number of requests for disclosure based on the content of the disclosure request.
  • Regarding the disclosure request fee, after contacting the request for disclosure, Payment by bank transfer to an account designated by us I will do it.

Destination of disclosure request

Please send the completed "Request for Disclosure Document" to the following address.

3-3-2 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Shin-Kasumigaseki Building
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd. Disclosure requester To

In order to prevent the mails from crossing over, Request for disclosure Please write in red.

3. We will consider disclosure / non-disclosure.

Regarding the road company business information that was requested to be disclosed, we will consider whether it is information that cannot be disclosed according to our examination criteria. In addition, Information that cannot be disclosed The following are stipulated.

  1. Information that can identify a specific individual or that may harm the rights and interests of an individual
  2. Information that may harm the rights of corporations, organizations, or sole proprietors other than our company
  3. Information that may prevent smooth deliberation and consideration
  4. Information that interferes with the proper execution of clerical work
[A lot of requests have been made for disclosure, but this is not disclosed]
  • A set of payment design documents for our order construction (design breakdown, unit price list, price list, allocation item list, etc.)
    The money-in design document is information such as the integrated unit price at which the contract limit price related to the construction contract may be inferred, and if it is made public, the purpose of fair bidding or estimation cannot be achieved. Since there is a risk of hindering the proper execution of our bidding and contract procedures, we do not disclose it because it falls under 4 above.

4. We will inform you of the result of the examination.

Contact for disclosure request

Starting from the day after the date of receipt of the "Request for Disclosure" Within 30 days Consider whether it applies to information that cannot be disclosed, We will try to contact you in writing. If it is not possible to consider whether the information cannot be disclosed within this period due to difficulties in business processing, etc., we may contact you in writing to extend the deadline for communication to request disclosure.

Implementation of disclosure

It will be disclosed by contacting the request for disclosure In order to receive disclosure of road company business information, a disclosure request fee, a disclosure implementation fee, and a postage fee will be charged.

  • Disclosure request fee is 300 yen (tax excluded) per road company business information related to disclosure request Will be charged.
  • Disclosure fee will be charged depending on the disclosure method.
    Example: Copy (black and white) A4 size, 10 yen per sheet (excluding tax)
    Copy (color) A4 size, 20 yen per sheet (tax excluded)
  • Actual cost for shipping costs.
    these Expense will be paid by bank transfer to the account specified by the Company after contacting the request for disclosure I will do it. We do not accept payments other than bank transfer.
    After confirming payment of fees and other expenses , Will be disclosed by mail Send road company business information To do.
  • Please note that if you do not pay the fees and charges within 14 days after you contact us for the disclosure request, those who receive the disclosure will have to request the disclosure again.

5. Request for review

Regarding the communication made by the Company in response to the request for disclosure, the person making the request can request the Company to reconsider within 14 days from the date of receiving the communication.

Predetermined " Written request for review [PDF: 46KB] Please fill in the required items in Japanese and mail it to the destination for the disclosure request.

6. Handling of personal information

You have completed the "Request for Disclosure Document" Only use the personal information of customers for the procedures related to the "Rules for Information Disclosure" We do not use it for any other purpose.

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