Overseas development of Expressway business

We are expanding our business overseas by utilizing the technology and know-how of the Expressway business.

Overseas business-Entering toll road operation business in India

We have established a subsidiary (E-NEXCO INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED) in order to provide the technology and know-how of the NEXCO East Japan Group widely in India where the largest scale of road improvement is expected. In addition, through a consortium formed with Mitsubishi Corporation, Overseas Transportation and Urban Development Project Support Organization (JOIN), and Japan Expressway International Corporation (JEXWAY) *, Cube Highways, an Indian toll road operator and lnfrastructure Pte. Ltd. We have acquired the shares of "Cube Co." (hereafter "Cube") and are also entering the road management business in India.

Going forward, we will continue to provide technical support services in India centering on E-NEXCO INDIA.
* Jointly-owned company of 5 highway highways in Japan (NEXCO EAST, CENTRAL, WEST, Metropolitan Expressway, Hanshin Expressway)

Photo of the ceremony commemorating the establishment of E-NEXCO INDIA
A ceremony to commemorate the establishment of E-NEXCO INDIA

International cooperation

ODA consulting

We are implementing ODA consulting services for developing countries by utilizing the technology and know-how of the Expressway business that we have cultivated over many years.
For technical cooperation with local ministries, India is carrying out a capacity building project for sustainable mountain road development and Myanmar is carrying out a road bridge maintenance management capacity building project.

Photo of technical guidance in India
Technical instruction in India
Photo of technical guidance in Myanmar
Technical instruction in Myanmar

Dispatch of technical experts to overseas

Through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), we dispatch technical experts on Expressway construction and maintenance to developing countries to contribute to solving road problems in each country. We also accept training for engineers in developing countries.

Photo of JICA long-term expert in India
India JICA long-term expert
Myanmar JICA long-term expert photo
Myanmar JICA long-term expert

International exchange

Participation in international conferences and seminars

We participate in various international conferences and seminars in order to understand international trends related to Expressway business and to introduce our technology and know-how widely overseas.

Photograph of participation in the World Road Congress (PIARC) Abu Dhabi 1
Participation in the World Road Congress (PIARC) Abu Dhabi
Photo of Participation in the World Road Congress (PIARC) Abu Dhabi 2


A technical exchange agreement has been signed with the Austrian Expressway company ASFiNAG. We are currently engaged in technical exchanges to promote friendly relations and improve technical capabilities.

Photo of technical exchange with ASFiNAG engineers
Technical exchange with ASFiNAG engineers