Creating environmentally friendly Expressway

Contribution to the prevention of global warming

Expressway Improve the network, promote the spread of ETC, take measures against traffic jams, etc. to smooth the flow of traffic, try to form forests such as slopes and introduce energy saving technology, reduce CO2 emissions, We contribute to the prevention of global warming.

Photograph of forest formation on the slope (Joban Expressway Minamisoma IC)
Forest formation on the slope (Joban Expressway Minamisoma IC)
Photograph of tunnel lighting using LED lighting (Washinoki Archaeological Tunnel, Hokkaido Road)
Tunnel lighting using LED lighting
(Donodo Washinoki Site Tunnel)

Contribution to the formation of a recycling-based society

Expressway occurring in the business activities of the management and operation and construction of the "construction waste", waste is recovered in road service area, parking area, recycling of plant generating material, due to the promotion of green procurement, contributing to a recycling-oriented society doing.

Photograph of reuse of plant-generated material as chip material (North Kanto Expressway Izuhara PA)
Reuse of plant-generated materials as chips
(North Kanto Expressway Izuhara PA)
Photograph of reuse of plant generating material as compost (Ken-O Road Mobarakita IC)
Reuse plant generating material as compost
(Ken-O Road Mobara North IC)

Reduction of environmental load

We are working to reduce the environmental load at all stages of our business activities, such as the creation of roads that are kind to nature (eco-roads), the installation of sound insulation walls, and the protection of the living environment along the roads through the use of trees.

Photo of biotope (Aomori Road Aomori Central IC) using loops in the IC
Biotope using loop in IC
(Aomori Road Aomori Central IC)
Photograph of installation example of sound insulation wall (Ken-O Road Shiraoka Iris IC-Kuki Shiraoka JCT)
Sound insulation wall installation example
(Ken-O Road Shiraoka iris IC ~ Kuki Shiraoka JCT)

Technology development related to environmental conservation

"Biomass gas power generation" has been put to practical use in order to effectively utilize plant waste materials (biomass) such as mowing grass and pruned branches of trees and thinning materials generated from Expressway.

Photo of biomass gas power plant
Biomass gas power plant

Initiatives for the future of the environment

We have set up quick chargers for electric vehicles at 16 resting facilities in our jurisdiction and are making efforts to ensure that customers using electric vehicles can use the Expressway with peace of mind. We plan to continue the maintenance in the future.

Photograph of electric car and quick charger (Yokosuka PA, Yokohama Yokosuka Road)
Electric vehicle and quick charger (Yokosuka PA, Yokohama Yokosuka Road)