Environmental Initiatives

[Environmental policy] (established in July 2007)

NEXCO EAST positions environmental efforts as an important management issue, and contributes to the preservation of the global environment and the formation of a recycling-oriented society as a responsible member of society, as well as efforts to preserve the living environment and natural environment along the road. By advancing, we aim to be a company trusted by society.

[Environmental Action Guidelines] (Revised in January 2021)

NEXCO EAST will take the following actions based on its environmental policy.

I. Environmental conservation efforts

  1. Contribution to the prevention of global warming
    • Expressway will contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide by improving and strengthening the network of expressways, facilitating traffic by taking measures against traffic congestion, and improving the soundness of forests on slopes.
    • We aim for zero carbon dioxide emissions in 2050.
  2. Contribution to the formation of a recycling-based society
    • By promoting 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and green procurement, we will contribute to the formation of a recycling-based society.
  3. Reduction of environmental load
    • We will comply with laws and regulations at all stages of our business activities and strive to reduce the environmental burden.
    • We will strive to build green infrastructure for the realization of a sustainable society.
    • We will endeavor to reduce the impact on the natural environment in order to contribute to the conservation of the biodiversity environment.
    • We will endeavor to reduce the impact on the roadside living environment.

Ⅱ. Technology development

  • In order to contribute to the sustainable and effective prevention of global warming, the formation of a recycling-based society, and the reduction of environmental impact, we will work to utilize existing technologies and develop new technologies.

III. Environmental management initiatives

  1. Environmental management
    • By analyzing and assessing the status of environmental conservation every year, we will carry out our efforts sustainably and effectively.
    • We carry out environmental management management according to ISO14001.
  2. Communication
    • We will publish the results of environmental management in the "NEXCO EAST Report" to communicate with society.
    • We will engage in social and environmental activities in collaboration with local people, local governments, and countries.
  3. Employee training
    • Through employee education, we will further raise employee awareness of the environment and foster a corporate culture.



Photo of ISO14001 registration certificate
  • ISO14001


Use of energy-saving and highly visible lighting


Photo of high pressure sodium lamp
High pressure sodium lamp
Photo of LED tunnel lighting
LED tunnel lighting

Reduction of impact on roadside living environment

In order to reduce the impact on the roadside environment, we are taking measures such as noise countermeasures by installing sound insulation walls and maintenance of environmental facility zones.In fiscal 2019, we installed sound insulation walls of about 3 km, and the total length of installation is about 1,080. It is km.

Photograph of the sound insulation wall installed on the outer ring road (Misato Minami IC-Takaya JCT)
Sound insulation wall installed on the outer ring road (Misato Minami IC-Takaya JCT)

Forest formation that contributes to the prevention of global warming


Photograph of the initial planting situation
Initial planting situation
Photograph of aged green space management status
Aged green space management status

Reducing the impact on the natural environment

We carry out eco-road maintenance activities and eco-experiential learning, and work on greening activities and biotope conservation work in cooperation with local people.

Photograph of biotope explanation to elementary school students (near Akiruno IC on the Ken-Ken-O Road Expressway)
Explanation of biotope to elementary school students (near the Akiruno IC on the Ken-Ken-O Road Expressway)

Promotion of environment-friendly "eco Inter ®" and "eco Area ®"

At IC and SA / PA, based on the active introduction of energy-saving electrical equipment, measures to improve the efficiency of heating and cooling in buildings and the development of "environmentally friendly" facilities that utilize renewable energy such as solar power generation. Is proceeding.

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