Expressway toll collection

Toll collection

At the toll booth, we open lanes appropriately according to traffic conditions, and respond accurately and promptly to complicated vehicle type identification, various fare discounts, ETC troubles, etc., so that customers can use the Expressway comfortably every day. I am trying to In addition to providing daily guidance to customers, we also provide lane closures and information to ensure customer safety in the event of an accident or disaster on the Expressway.

Photograph of toll collection from customers
Collect tolls from customers
Photo of customer guide by checking the ETC lane monitor
Customer information by checking the ETC lane monitor

Discount service utilizing ETC


Changes in ETC usage rate
Image of transition of ETC usage rate

Learn more about ETC

Introduction of smart interchange

Using the ETC, we have installed a smart interchange that allows passengers to get on and off the Expressway from the main line of the Expressway and service areas and parking areas. The construction of smart interchanges has improved access to Expressway and contributed to revitalizing the region.

Photo of Smart Interchange (Sano SA, Tohoku Expressway)
Smart interchange (Tohoku Expressway Sano SA)

Improving safety according to the spread of ETC

Promotion of various safety measures

Measures to strengthen speed control
Image of measures to strengthen speed control

In order to prevent rear-end collisions in the ETC lane, we will implement measures to delay the opening timing of the open / close bar, and publicize the “ETC 5 Safety Rules” to drive safely on ETC. It is expanding.

Color pavement and uneven pavement thin layer pavement
Photo of color pavement and uneven pavement

ETC vehicles are encouraged to control the speed when entering the ETC lane by vibrating road markings and unevenness.

ETC card not inserted Notification antenna

In order to prevent problems caused by forgetting to insert the card, we have introduced a system to notify the customer in advance via the ETC onboard device that the card has not been inserted at toll gates or on the main line.

ETC card not inserted Notice Antenna image
Safety passage
Safety passage photo

To prevent accidents such as when a toll booth staff member crosses an ETC lane, he or she may come into contact with a passing vehicle, a safety passage has been set up.

ETC sensor snow obstacle measures
Image of ETC sensor measures against snow damage

In order to prevent communication troubles caused by snow, we have devised a heater to prevent snow clumps from sticking to the surface of the ETC sensor.

Measures against unauthorized traffic

Strengthening measures against illegal traffic! ! Image image of

We are taking countermeasures with a firm stance that “illegal traffic is not allowed”. We have set up a fraudulent traffic control headquarters, and are working on strengthening countermeasures such as setting up fraudulent traffic monitoring cameras and open / close bars on general lanes to identify fraudulent people, and coordinating police calls and investigations.