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Photo of Toru Obata, President and Chief Executive Officer NEXCO EAST

NEXCO EAST Group is engaged in the management and operation of the Expressway from northern Kanto to Hokkaido, including parts of Niigata and Nagano, as well as construction, service area and Expressway related businesses.

The Expressway managed and operated by the Group is used by approximately 3,950 km of customers and approximately 3 million vehicles per day, so that the 100 km / h Expressway can be used at any time in a safe, secure, comfortable and convenient manner. It is managed and operated with the utmost care as a professional group of Expressway 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The basic social mission of the NEXCO EAST Group, which is responsible for the public infrastructure business of Expressway is to provide safe, secure, comfortable, and convenient Expressway services, and to contribute to the creation of a healthy community. , "In the event of an emergency or disaster, it should be useful as a way of life."

NEXCO EAST Group employees work together with the utmost care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in order to reliably fulfill the first goal of providing safe, secure, comfortable and convenient Expressway services. While running the business. In addition, we will improve Expressway landscapes and improve rest facilities to add fun and beauty to future Expressway, and provide Expressway services that customers can enjoy. You.

NEXCO EAST Group has been working to strengthen regional cooperation, including the development of Expressway and the sale of local specialty products at rest facilities, in order to achieve the second goal of contributing to the creation of a healthy community. I have tried hard. Based on the situation where "regional revitalization" is advocated today, we aim to revitalize the local area by making rest facilities a lively place where locals gather and promoting tourism promotion with the local area Will continue to contribute.

The third role, "To be useful as a way of life in the event of an emergency or disaster," is an important role expected of the NEXCO EAST Group the event of a disaster, evacuation of victims, the SDF and police・ We will always be prepared and trained so that you can use the road appropriately for rescue and support supplies by fire fighting.

While steadily fulfilling these social missions, the NEXCO EAST Group will work to create a sustainable society that meets the expectations of Expressway.
We expect and appreciate your continued understanding and support in the future.

President and Chief Executive Officer

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