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General employer action plan based on female success promotion law

General employer action plan based on female success promotion law

Based on Article 8 of the Act on Promotion of Activities in Women's Occupational Life, the General Business Operator Action Plan shall be formulated as follows.

1 Plan period

5 years from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2020

2 Contents

Target 1 We will aim for 30% of female employment in new recruitment.

  • Heisei 20 - April -
    We arrange female employees in recruitment staff and set up many places where female applicants and female employees can talk directly in the selection process.
  • Heisei 20 - April -
    We will actively introduce female employees who are active in hiring homepage and pamphlets.

Target 2 We will promote female employees to continue working without leaving the company due to reasons such as marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, childcare and nursing care, and encourage male employees to participate in childcare.

  • Heisei 20 - April -
    We will prepare a guide book to help balance work and family, and publicize the childcare leave system.

Target 3 Establish or enhance the facilities and facilities necessary for promoting the success of women based on the opinions and requests of employees and the actual circumstances of the workplace, and improve the work environment more comfortable.

  • Heisei 20 - April -
    Based on the opinions of the workplace, we will enrich facilities such as a lounge room (sleeping room), changing room and shower room for women only.

Goal 4 We will encourage female employees to voluntarily reform consciousness and reform their behavior by supporting capacity development and career improvement.

  • Heisei 20 - April -
    We will enrich our training for female employees.

Goal 5 We will share information and efforts related to the promotion of women's activities internally and send information to outside the company.

  • Heisei 20 - April -
    home page, NEXCO We will use the East Japan Report and company newsletters to disseminate information on promoting women's activities.

Publication of information on the success of women

Published item year Rate
Percentage of female workers in employed workers FY2018 18.1%
Percentage of female workers in workers March, 2019 16.7%
Women's childcare leave acquisition rate FY2018 100.0%

Paid leave acquisition rate

FY2018 50.5%